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10 November 2011, 09:31 PM

last saturday, my Guru was teach (in Taiwan) and give empowernment of Mahesvara Buddha.

Many peoples dont know , who is He

My Guru said, He is great Mara

but acctually He is Buddha (Higest)

well my english not good so i cant explain it much.

this is very secret Buddha (secret is mean difficult to understand and not many Buddhist know, so this look like hidden for them.)

acctually Buddhism is have many step
just like Hindu also many step and higest teachings is look like secret teachings, because not all of peoples can understand it.

My Guru never blame any religion,
in Seattle He give empowernment of Maha Brahma

then last saturday He said, in Seattle i give empowernment of the creator , Maha-brahma. But today, i give empowernemnt of The Destroyer.
Then He explain about the circulation in universe from concept of Brahma-Vishnu and Shiva, then explain about Yin Yang, and explain about Buddhist Sutra who said Maha Mara or Mahesvara Raja (Siva) is deep high Bodhisattva. (in Buddhism sometimes when Buddha or higest do the activites of teachings and help sentient beings , He will called appear as Bodhisattva.)

well, what Bodhicitta is more higest than this ?
for example, you is president of this country, but to teach your peoples about how to recognize the true enemies, you will manifest as enemies, to train and help them realize inner enemies. In the proces, maybe your peoples will hate you or blame you as enemies, but in the end they will realized it.

Without mara, there is no Buddha

and the mantra is :
"Om Mahesvaraye Buddha Svaha"

why i wrote it here ?

to tell anyone that acctually the true Buddha Dharma is not blame Hindu
what happened in history this sect subjugate another or other subjugate others
it also happened in any religion and sect,
because even you in one religion or one sect, you will have your own way to understand the teachings of your religion.

Dont be traped by the images of Mahakala stand in Ganesh
or Trailokya Vijaya stand in Shiva and Uma etc

that is only symbolism about beyond the triloka

Kali also stand on Shiva (some people said this mean Shiva help Her to realize Her origin, other said Kali is beyond the Triloka, other said Kali is higest than Shiva etc)

Brahma-Vishnu and Shiva also appear under throne of Devi

some sect also said Shiva is only a devotee of Krsna

some sect said Visnu is only a devote of Shiva

some sect said Shiva is demigod


this kind of teachings only a theory to help the sadhaka
but sadhaka in lower Budhi will understand it to hate others
just like abrahamic religion blame each others is worship to wrong God
but the wise will understand it is story about consciousness
i think we must know how to understand the teachings and philosophy of India, its really not same with the way of abrahamic to understand God

05 March 2012, 08:16 AM
Namaste Kamala,

i see many peoples on Internet is know Buddhist Mahakala is manifestation of Avalokitesvara,

But acctually in Tripitaka of Tantrayana, Mahakala is originaly coneccted with many deitys :
1. Vairocana ; 2. Mahesvara or Shiva ; 3. Avalokitesvara ; 4. Drdha Prthivi

In Tripitaka, Shiva also have many form, other deitys also have many form
The other form of shiva (according to tripitaka ) is :
Vinayaka or Arya Nandikesvara (Lord Ganesh)
Goddess of Art (manifestation of Shiva's hair)

Lord shiva have many many form, also many many secret,
According to Buddhist text,
He is Vairocana (Vairocana's kingdom also in Mahesvara Heaven)
He is King of Mara ( well, in Hinduism also known as the power of Maya or illusion )
But King of Mara in Buddhism is Buddha who want to lead sentient beings to know their own hindrance , so Buddha appear as mara to bless sentient beings in different way (like when teacher punish us for our benefit)

But sadly, many people from both Buddhism and Hinduism, missunderstanding about this teachings, they see this as shiva is being insulted in Buddhism. But acctually this kind of amazing teachings is have appear in Hinduism, about the lila of Bhagavan, and many amazing ways He use to lead us. But maybe hatred is covered the truth and they use this teaching in wrong way to hate each others, so sadly, because they are from one Mother Bharat. I talk about both, Hindu and Buddhist is same, they have some peoples who missunderstanding and hate each other. Not only hate each other, they also hate other sect in same religion . I was thinking, this is like the children who hurt each others and dont care with their Mother's heart