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14 December 2011, 08:47 PM
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Rigveda 10.17.10: O Mothers! Purify us with your compassion, understanding and enlightenment. The women cleanse us all from all our sins, corruption and defects. We come out firm, pure and noble from their blessed company.

Yajurveda 6.17: O pure and blessing Mothers! Cleanse us all from sins, immorality and pollution. Purge us from falsehood, hatred, jealousy and frustrations.

Atharvaveda 3.13.7: O pure and blessing Mothers! I am your beloved son. O powerful mother, please guide me towards fulfillment of my noble aspirations.

Rigveda 7.78.3: We can see brilliant women enlightening the society with their noble qualities right in front of us. They have given birth to the sun of knowledge and fire of noble actions. Due to their glory, darkness of ignorance, sins and negativity is destroyed.

Yajurveda 13.26: O woman, you do not deserve to be defeated by challenges and obstacles. On contrary, you possess the power to defeat the stiffest challenge. Defeat the enemies and their armies. You have valor of thousands of men. Realize your true potential and demonstrate your valor. Please us all through your courage. The world demands that from you!

Yajurveda 21.5: O woman, you possess tremendous power. You are the mother of noble people. You are the wife of truth-seeker. You are full of valor. You cannot be weakened by attack of enemies. You are full of dynamism. You bring happiness to all. You follow the path of nobility. Protect the society by realizing your true potential.