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18 December 2011, 09:45 PM
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Jizya (the per capita tax levied on an Islamic state’s non-Islamic populace) can be traced back to the Aramaic word “gaziyat.” In pre-Islamic period, this kind of taxation was in vogue as a poll tax that was collected from those people that were perceived to be inferior to the ruling class or aristocracy in the region that is the plexus of today’s Iran, Turkey, Syria and part of today’s Iraq

And the actual event of a collector of Islamic jizya visiting a Hindu neighborhood was shameful for the kinds of things he engaged in. Qadi Mughith ad-Din told Sultan Ala’ud-Dîn Khaljî: “If the Jizyah-collector asks a Hindu for silver, the latter should offer gold in all humility. If the collector wishes to spit into his mouth, the latter should open his mouth without demur, so as to enable the former to spit into it.” [from Diyâ' ad-Dîn Baranî, Tarîkh-i Firozshâhi, Sayyid Athar Abbas Rizwi, selected Hindi tr., in his Khaljî-Kalîna Bhârata, Aligarh, 1955, p. 70]

Indian Muslims, can you read the article and still be in Islam, my blood boils when I read these, and the history of the biggest mass murder on this planet was of the Hindus in India at the hands of Peaceful Islam.

08 February 2012, 10:46 AM
islam is sheer horror. its sad that many hindus flirt with different aspects of
islamic influenced culture. gazals, shayari, has lot of hindu admirers.