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26 December 2011, 07:31 AM
We know very little about the practice and belief of the followers of the Celtic religions. All we have are some archaeological sites and writings by Christians who's aim was to destroy these religions. Imagine trying to discover the philosophy and beliefs of Hinduism from ruins of a temple and the writings of Christian evangelists and Muslim temple destroyers!

However some stories remain, and even though they have been changed by Christian commentators there are some intriguing clues that these religions might not only have been similar to Hinduism, but connected to India as a spiritual centre.

The story of Eithne, who in some stories is a goddess and others a princess. fasting after an insult, she would not eat any food, but (http://www.answers.com/topic/altrom-tige-d-medar):

when she was insulted the demon of the Tuatha Dé Danann left her and she could no longer partake of their food. She might, however, drink from the cows of India, as it was a land of righteousness.

In modern versions of the story Eithne ends up converting to Christianity, at which point she dies and goes to heaven, but this ending is certainly an addition by Christian evangelists.

It makes me wonder though, was India "the land of righteousness" the centre of religion over a wide part of the world in ancient times?

26 December 2011, 02:58 PM
Namaste Tandava,

Indeed, pretty much all of the ancient pagan religions of Europe and the rest of the world bear resemblances to Sanatana Dharma. This makes perfect sense according to the "Out of India Theory", which is a much more reasonable and well-supported theory than the absurd AIT. People from the ancient Vedic society migrated out of India and settled throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The religious practices they took with them naturally took on regional differences over the years. Yet it is still recognizable how many of the beliefs, practices, and deities of those ancient pagan religions are very similar to the Vedic religion of Sanatana Dharma, where they originated from. I've been studying this a bit over the last several months and it's pretty fascinating. A lot of the modern day followers of these religions who are attempting to reconstruct them legitimately actually recognize this as well and they study the Vedas and Hinduism to find "missing links" and to better understand their own religions.

Here are some links with more information:





Jai Sri Ram

27 December 2011, 06:57 PM
I posted this a few times before on this forum.
The Vedas describe a migration of Persians out of India rather than a migration of Aryans into India.

30 May 2012, 12:33 PM
The evangelist will go to any extent to achieve their mission. We to preserve our rich heritage should learn the great treasures left for us by our ancestors.
This generation views everything rationally and sanatana dharma has answers for them. I would suggest a few sites that are of much help.


01 June 2012, 01:34 AM
Wow! This is a fantastic discovery regarding Celtic ancient writings! I only recently found this posting which has been there for a long time, thanks to the fact that someone responded yesterday.

When I was in my University, I did some study of linguistics. I recall the instructor giving many examples that, without doubt, linked mother tongues in many areas of the world including Europe back to Sanskrit. While I do not have the references in front of me, I recall being taught by this instructor of examples in the Romanian language and other Euro languages of direct one-to-one relationship to the exact same Sanskrit word.

I also recall being taught that when we say "Divine", while this is not a direct one-to-one relationship (e.g. in the other examples he gave, the words were EXACTLY the same), the word such as "Divine", and "Devotional" and so on is related to the Sanskrit word "Deva". The teacher gave examples of the word "Zeus" being the same as Sanskrit "Dyaus" and such.

At that time, lingustics was a very important study - this would be in the early 1970's. I found evidence regarding the English word "Iron" for example. Where "Iron" which is the metal, and used in England to describe a particular metal, is actually a very old English to Modern English term that is the same as "Aryan", and that both actually are related to a form a metal and specific the meteor(s) that fell from the sky and the metal used from them to make weapons used by the peoples who also got on chariots. Of course, the Hindu or Dharma teachings are in fact in many parts of the world, but of course India is the Center of Religion in ancient times and we all need to give our respects to Mother India forever. It is too bad that today Iran is run by a religion called "Islam", when in fact I recall being taught in the same courseware that "Iran" is another corruption of the word "Aryan" (e.g. also related to "Iron") but is all linked to the original religion which also had foundations there we call the Eternal Duty, the Dharma, and our Lord is the same Lord since the beginning of it all!

The world is coming home to Dharma! It touches the soul of every person who takes the time to listen, look, pray and ---- yes, join in a bhajan or two!

Jai Hind!