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04 January 2012, 08:28 PM

Do you think Buddhist is will no any conflict about deitys ?


From the history what i read, now is the first conflict of deitys

search Dorje Shugden in Google and youtube
you will find one sect GELUGPA of Tibetan Buddhism,
have two organization who have conflict about Dorje Shugden
People who against Dorje Shugden is Dalai Lama

acctually, Dharma is not about this deity is higest or the other is lower.
Because, even we are in same sect who worship Sakyamuni Buddha (for example), we have different spiritual level who make we have different realization about one Sakyamuni Buddha.

So, the things about slander one another's principal deitys is like the low level of spiritualism and made the hatred and war.

Acctually, mind can shaping the deitys, for example :
Some peoples is think Buddha is impossible be an avatar of Vishnu
But some peoples believe Buddha is avatar of Vishnu
Also some peoples is believe Vishnu is one form of Buddha (like in Maha Vairocana Sutra)
some peoples believe Vishnu is adharmic
some peoples is not have problem with the term and form of Vishnu or Buddha, they can get the spiritual benefit to improve their mind from both of Buddha or Vishnu.

all of these is the play of human mind
Please think, and see from the historical fact, what is one reason of religion war ? and blood ? that's it The Ego of shaping and slander others deitys, but the ironical things is "NO ONE of UNENLIGHTENED PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN DEITYS", so they are war and kill each others for the sake of somethings they are not really understand.

Look at that, the conflict between them (Same Buddhist), they will destroy each others only because of Deitys and forget to do the cultivation to throught the enlightenment. They forget that our Sages already show the way , how to treat others Deitys ? how to accept them and transform it with the Dharma in every heart, and make peace.

Dorje Shugden is netral , just like a knife,
you can use it to give benefit for you and sentient beings (cut the vegetable to feed others)
and you also can use it to hurt and kill others.

Like a fire,
you can use it to benefit yourself and sentient beings,
you can use it to perform Homa Yajna,
you can use it to burn sins.
But you also can use it to burn and hurt others and yourself.

Why we cant give guarantee for all peoples who believe same name and form of deitys with us will be free from samsara ?
What is Dharma ? and what is adharma ?

Crane-Foot King
23 January 2013, 06:04 PM
It's hard to discuss the Shugden controversy with any Buddhist. Barbara O'Brien, the author of the Buddhist About site, really blew up when I mentioned the Shugden incident. "I bet you only heard their side." was mentioned. Yeah, I heard their side. I also saw news videos about Shugden monks being harassed and thrown out of shops. I heard the Dalai Lama's sides but I see no reason to support his persecution of my fellow Buddhist.
To be honest, I've lost almost all faith in the Dalai Lama.:(