View Full Version : Time for a new one

19 January 2012, 01:34 AM
Time for another (latest) kangress scam and looting public money. Although UPA-2 has no records to break and just keeps bettering its own previous records while it stays in office indefinitely (much like Sachin Tendulkar's cricketing legacy), one scam at a time.


When 2000 contracts are given on a single tender basis (i.e no market price/no competition), you can safely conclude it was at 200 times the market price. And its public sector, public money, the losses go to our pockets while the minister and his 3 servants take away good share of the loot as bribe from the contractors.

India, you are wonderful. Hope this doesn't get pulled into Bashing Hindus section.

But if Hindus, indeed want to identify the one single enemy behind all their problems - it is one word - GREED. From streets to the high roads of public office, from million dollar homes to the gold laden shrines, it is Greed which drives and defines Hindus and Indians living well above poverty line. And be it witch hunt, or scam or bribing Gods and Godmen for profit from business scams or stealing operations, the one cause for all these malady is Greed. Ok, I'll not bash Hindus again, lets bash DNA instead.