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13 January 2007, 10:56 PM
Hari Om


This part 2 of Akasha Dristi … if you care to read part 1 , review the post named http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showthread.php?t=725

Again, let me remind you we do not do this while driving.

Foundation (important to be grounded in this otherwise its just babble)
This part of seeing is based upon one principle " the Supreme (Purusha/SELF) is covered by the world". That is, the general, ubiquitous fabric of consciousness that is everywhere, is covered by the particular; or the subtle is veiled by the gross material universe. Please do not put a good or bad on this, its all Brahman anyway. With 'seeing' just as with your meditations you can culture your awareness (* which part of this whole equation; part and parcel an extension of Brahman) to begin to contact the infinite.

The universe (unity in the mist of diversity uni-verse) is comprised of name, form and action. Because of this, we 'see' name and form and not the foundation for this, the foundation of existence or Being, some even say 'the' Being as HE is the owner/operator of this.

So the notion of 'seeing' is to not bother with the particular, and look at the general. In the past post, it was putting your attention on akasha or the space between everything as the particular is enveloped in IT.

Just as you are at the beach and look at the waves, if you see only the wave and not notice that it is connected AND IS THE EXPRESSION of the ocean, you live in the particular. The definition of ignorance is the experience of the infinite metered out/parsed out as the many.
So, with seeing and with the understanding that the particular ( a tree, person, dog, car, house, mule, band-aid, group of people, sky scraper, YOU) is the expression of the Being and is connected to this, just as the wave is connected to the ocean, like that.

The connection is the akasha which is everywhere and is an expression of the nature of Brahman , everywhere at the same time. When you view the space that contains every thing, you are viewing the WHOLENESS and culturing the awareness to consider this.

The Technique
As one spends more time with the 'general', it provides one with the experience of the witness Purusha in ones self. This comes from innocently 'seeing'. We begin to 'groom' our relationship with our SELVES in the space and every thing else inside and outside of us.

Space and Sound
Now, the sound of space (akasha is also known as paramam vyomam) is Hrim sounded Hreem ( long e) is the sound… Now, we do not voice it out , as that puts this infinite word to the particular. So the notion is based upon the principle -
Hrim, when used, has the desire to find its parent - the Infinite (Purusua/SELF).

So, while we are 'seeing' the akasha, we now add the sound 'Hreem' internal to us ... easy , effortlessly, expecting nothing. In our awareness we are allowing Hreem to do what it does, that is connect to the Infinite which is SELF anyway; because all of this aksaha in one smooth, ubiquitous fabric of SELF, we add Hreem and allow the desire to find its parent - the Infinite Purusua.
"We are continually trying to regain the lost memory of our true SELF - that is what is called life" - Swami Ashokananda.