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08 March 2012, 10:10 PM
Onlyfour times have I given this prayer, it is one which is personal to me but I modestlygive when it seems there is very bad or dire circumstances and it is a prayerto save nations and the true holy saints, teachers and good souls Ė you knowthe good soul is also truly the brave soul. And I know the giver of this safeguard can be found in Hanuman my Hero,the beloved servant of Shri Ramachandra and Mother Sita. I know it isnít proper to perhaps discuss myopinion, but I feel there is an evil threat to God and Hindus at this time inthe world, as well as to Sikh and beloved Sadarjis whom I love, and to everysoulful Christian and Jew, Buddhist and Parsi. There are so many disturbing undercurrents right now in the world. But the good souls cannot be defeated, and Ibelieve they outnumber the ugly souls. Onlyrarely do I give my personal opinion in this manner, perhaps it is of littlevalue, but in truth this is one reason I have joined this forum to have achance to express this particular invocation, to my personal household murthito Lord Hanuman. The first time was in1974. And three times since. And again one more time, to my belovedHanuman, Jai Hind:

Hanuman Buddhi

The four-fold fruit of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, is given to the one whobelieves with faith in the Master. Today is the time to speak of the virtues ofYou, Hanuman, the ocean of knowledge, and the Shiva-Shakti of the Kapi Clan.You are in fact the divine messenger of matchless powers that some cannotunderstand, though you are known only as the son of Pavan, born of Anjani. Youare of golden hue, and wear fine ear-rings, and locks of waved hair. You wearthe sacred thread of jute as Vagyopaveeta, and are awarded a personal flag as amark of rare heroism. You are the servant of Rama. You are Shiva, who descendedto aid the Prince and King to defeat the ten-headed. You bestow cherishedobjects. You are the greatest ambassador, highly learned, of fine speech, whocan speak many languages, but always speaking on behalf of Shri Rama and MotherSita. Besides fine speech, You are an ardent listener, especially in thenarration of the Epic of Ram. You are of fine strength, though only seemly amonkey, and set all of Lanka ablaze and destroyed the Asuras. You are a healer,and brought the Sanjeevani herb to restore Lakshman back to life. You restoredeath to life. You are a magical Physician. You are the secret bringer of themost important of good tides, the first messenger, just as you brought to Sitathe first message of the approach of Ram as She was held captive in the gardenof Ravana. You also bring the taraka mantra while in Your form of Shiva,whispered into the ear of one at the minute of death. You can fly. You dashedto the Sun as if it were an orange-fruit to be picked from a tree, and Youcrossed the shores from India to Lanka to find Sita. One who asks for You inName, you in return annihilate maladies and pain. You come in the time ofcrisis. You save nations. You are a guardian angel. You bestow siddhis. You cantake human form, or the form of a small being. You are of benign grace. You arestill among us in this world. You promised, so long as there is at least one inthis world who recites the story of Rama to another, so long you will remain,in this world. I have heard that You are also Nataraj, the Lord of Dance of thedissolution of the universe. The arhats have said, nothing can stop the marchof time towards that dissolution. But here is the noteworthy secret. So long asthere is one who recites the story of Rama, so long You will be with us asHanuman, and the drum in the hand of Nataraj will wait. Because You are Him,but He is now You. And on the day that there cannot be found one who recitesthe story of Rama, then on that day You will leave us and become the Lord ofDance, the One who holds the drum and the burning chakra. So the drum and thechakra, it is in our hands. And that is why there is Ramayana. You are the nameHanuman, who saves nations. One who recites the knowledge of this will attain.

Brian Baldwin