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18 January 2007, 04:19 PM
Namaste -

I am revisiting the ISKCON ideaology and have some questions.

- What are the representations to the left and to the right of Krisnha in the Temple? To the left is a set of four figures, to the right is one, with Krishna and Radha in the middle.

- How does meditation fit in with ISKCON practices (other than meditation on Krishna)?

- If Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu, why not just worship Vishnu in his original form?

- It is ok to chant more than one mantra on the same set of japa beads?

- Does anyone know of a forum/board for just ISKCONites?

Thanks for your consideration.

19 January 2007, 12:41 AM

shri Bhava Dasa runs a forum called www.bhaktidiscussions.com this is dedicated to ISKCON's view and discussions.

19 January 2007, 07:53 AM
Jai Ganesh


I donít know which temple you mean each temple may very, slightly, in the order of deities
In Vridavan they have Panchatatva on one altar, in the middle altar they have Krishna Balram and then Radha Krishna the third
At Bhaktivedanta temple just Outside of London The temple have, as we take darsan there is Sri Sri Radha Krishna on our left and Sri Sri Sitaram Laxman and Hanuman on our right and in the middle of the two, slightly underneath there is a small alter of Gour, Nitai.
Main theme of Iskcon is Bhakti yog only
They regard Krishna as cause of all causes and they worship all forms of Vishnu.
I do not know if one can or not chant different mantra on the same japa, but I do.
No I am not iskconite; you could goggle Iskcon and find many sites, one of them is indiadevine.com try that if you like

Jai Shree Krishna