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20 May 2012, 10:18 AM
If life were any more perfect, it would be clear it is not real (there is no true other).
You wouldn't want it to appear not real,
and thus things in life don't always go exactly how you want them.

However, realisation of this makes it appear not real; you know it's going
exactly how you want, really.

Since you want it to feel real, its appearance as not real then makes it appear impossible for it to feel truly real.

Since it feels impossible for it to feel truly real, it doesn't feel perfect at all.

Since it doesn't feel perfect at all, it's easy to believe that it is real - that you are not the dreamer of the world.

Since it is thus possible for it to feel like it really is real and beyond your control,
it becomes completely plausible that you are not the dreamer.

Since it is completely plausible that you are not the dreamer, it is the perfect dream.

Since it is the perfect dream, it becomes possible once more to realize it as such, and thus makes it appear not real once again.

In turn, its appearance as not real serves as the defense against all waking-life sufferings; they are no worse than a nightmare.

but, since you still experience the sufferings, as real as they can possibly be, it is as real as is actually possible.

Thus the dream is forever bittersweet: it is always not real, but sometimes you want it to be real. Fortunately, some times you don't want it to be real - and it isn't - but it feels just as real as anything ever could, so it might as well be real, which grants the plausibility of its actually being real.

What are the implications of its not being real? That the dreamer is suspended in nothingness, with no real space to move within; that the dreamer has no world in which to exist. Thus is the purpose of the dream: to give it something to do which distracts it from what it is.

Brahman is imperfect - but that is as perfect as anything could be.

05 July 2012, 01:59 PM
That is complete and This is complete
But on seeing That as perfectly complete, This feels Itself as incomplete and starts towards completeness to realize it.
And then He is One,without a secomd