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20 January 2007, 08:50 AM
Hari Om

Namaste tanunapat ( child born of agni, as agni is jataveda)

In the last post of chanting I alluded to the benefits of Sama ved. A wonderful veda ( 9th mandala) to consider. Here's a reference site to consider ( MP3). NOw, it is not the hightest quality. If someone has a resouce for CD quality Sama Ved , I will be happy to purchase the CD's. today I have tapes, that over the years loosing their fidelity.
Here's the site:
Rig Ved is also here.

This Sama Ved cultures/enlivens the mind and is a boon to listen to. Not while driving mind you. It said as time goes on listening to the vedas, the 'truth' of the mantras are revealed to the sadu. It is also said, that one with pure consciousness assists, in this development. That is, one meditating and establishing that 'restful alertness' within ones composure on a daily basis.

Also note, that these chantings ( the one I listened to) has one pandit chanting....it is tradition to have more then one panditji reciting the suktas. This gives consistency ( no breaks in the mantra's) but also increases the japa number.

Om shaantih shaantih shaantih