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27 June 2012, 07:30 AM

This is a simple poem which is supposedly by Sri Adi shankracharya. These thoughts can be very useful for meditation, we can memorize these verses and meditate on their meaning to develop the attitude of vairagya.

माता नास्ति पिता नास्ति नास्ति बन्धुः सहोदरः।
अर्थँ नास्ति गृहँ नाति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

जन्म दुःखँ जरा दुःखँ जाया दुःखँ पुनः पुनः।
सँसारसागरँ दुःखँ तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

कामक्ष्च क्रोधक्ष्च लोभक्ष्च देहे तिष्ठन्ति तस्कराः।
ज्ञनरत्नापहाराय तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

आशाया बध्यते जन्तुः कर्मणा बहुचिन्तया।
आयु क्षीणँ न जानाति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

सम्पदः स्वप्नसँकाशाः यौवनँ कुसुमोपम्।
विधुच्चन्चचँल आयुषँ तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

क्षणँ वित्तँ क्षणँ चित्तँ क्षणँ जीवितमावयोः।
यमस्य करूणा नास्ति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

यावत् कालँ भवेत् कर्म तावत् तिष्ठन्ति जन्तवः।
तस्मिन् क्षीणे विन्श्यन्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

... ऋणानुबन्धरूपेण पशुपत्निसुतादयः।
ऋणक्षये क्षयँ यान्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

पक्वानि तरूपर्णानि पतन्ति क्रमशो यथा।
तथैव जन्तवः काले तत्र का परिदेवना॥

एक वृक्षसमारूढा नानाजाति विहङ्गमाः।
प्रभते क्रमशो यान्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

इदँ काष्ठँ इदम् काश्ट्ःअँ नध्यँ वहतिसँगतः।
सँयोगाक्ष्च वियोगाक्ष्च का तत्र परिदेवना॥

This is an attempt to meditate on this simple text to see the Truth as explained in it.

27 June 2012, 07:34 AM
माता नास्ति पिता नास्ति नास्ति बन्धुः सहोदरः।
अर्थँ नास्ति गृहँ नास्ति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

There is no mother, no father, no relationships nor any siblings.
No money or house. Therefore be alert, Wake up!

The whole idea in presenting such statements has to be very clearly appreciated. The idea is not to encourage us to condemn all our relationships. The idea is not to leave parents etc. The idea is to be understood in proper context. For this we need to explore these relationships with care. We will see its not exactly the relationship that is a problem. Never is a relationship a bondage. But we make all relationships into bondage. We will explore this very carefully, but what exactly is a relationship ?

All our relations are in the mind and they are all with reference to the body. When a child is born, the body is there, but no relations are there for the child. I may feel this child is my son or daughter, but the child does not feel any relationship. As the child grows, he is fed with memories and thoughts and out of those memories and thoughts certain relationships are formed. So now the child has a father , a mother, a relative, a friend, a brother or a sister etc. As the child grows up he picks up new relationships which are nothing but mental roles he picks up. The role is simply a collection of thoughts, ideas, memories etc which are all based on the body.

Lets take a simple example to see how relationships are formed. What happens is a teenager sees a girl and the first perception he has is a simple perception of the girl, nameless simple perception. Then the next thought, "she is beautiful", "I would like to befriend her" ... and very soon he is in love with her!! That relationship of a lover is simply a combination of his thoughts, ideas, memories etc.

And then the girl leaves him. The thoughts of the girl are there in his mind, but the girl is not there to relate to. And he is suddenly in intense suffering. When the thoughts of the relationship is there, but they cannot be expressed as the body itself is not available, the person is missed. This is exactly how we miss someone.

The thoughts of the related person along with the person's physical presence are both required to correspond. The sweet moments in any relationship are remembered and when the person cannot related there is intense disappointment and sorrow.

Now if the thoughts and memories related to a relationship are not there, where is the relationship ? the physical presence with no related thoughts would leave the person non-responsive. the thoughts without physical presence makes the person disappointed. Both are problems.

To add to all this, the relations themselves are built upon expectations. If I meet my mother and she does not speak to me and does not even care that I came home ... I feel hurt. She herself may be perhaps brooding over something else. So every relationship has lot of expectations in-built into the relationship. If those expecations are not met, the relationship gets into a very tense mode.

In Brhadaranyaka upanishad there is a beautiful verse that says "A person loves his spouse not for his spouse but for his own sake". Thats a very profound statement. When I love a person or an object, its coz that object gives me happiness. So all search for any object, any relationship, any idea is only a search for happiness. Through all our relationships we are seeking our own fulfillment. I feel I am fulfilled if i have a son or a daughter. The problem is not with the relationship but with the attempt to find fulfillment through that relationship. This attempt to find fulfillment through relationships surfaces as a set of expecations from that relationship. The expecations are all wrong ideas that when the relationship is in such and such a state I get fulfilled. since i feel i will be fulfilled through a relationship, I long for the relationships and have lot of expecations from it.

The relationships never bind, but the person is bound by expecations. Expecations always bind. If expecations are removed, life becomes a joy ride. The problem however is, one needs to manage one's expecations. Management of expecations is really the management of mind. Without hope, expecations ... life is really a holliday.

No relation gets the capacity to bind unless one uses one's own expecation to bind oneself. The relations act as a trigger for various expecations. Thats where the problem develops. The relationship triggers expecations , hopes and from then on, the person is caught in the relationship. This asha or desire [expecation] develops because I try to find fulfillment from the relationships.

We can explore this further... Now why is the expecation there? Expectation is there because I am unaware of my own nature. Knowing myself as Ananda, I would no more depend upon a relationship to fulfill myself. Knowing myself as Ananda Svarupa is an absolute necessity and it cannot be postponed. If we look out of our windows towards a busy street, we find streams of automobiles moving in various directions. It might appear that there are so many different people seeking different things in life. But in essence all of them are really seeking just one thing: Their own Fulfillment. Happiness.

Seeking happiness is various objects of the world is a disease. Seeking fulfillment through the relationships is what is being addressed here. But the idea is just the same for any object. Someone may not have much respect for relationships but this person is running madly after money ! He too is equally in trouble. Thats why the verse says artham na asti. Seeking fulfillment in the objects of the world or in relationships is a disease. It hides our own true nature which is really happiness and it also hurts us when the objects eventually leave us. Suppose I am deeply attached to my money and then I lose money. if i do not lose money, my ability to find fulfillment through that money will be lost. so when these are lost, there is suffering. why should i suffer all this superimposing happiness on the objects of the world. When i myself am the source of happiness, why should i torture myself by running after the objects of the world ? We need to ponder within. Of what avail are all these ?

A simple experiment can reveal to us that Happiness never comes from the object but from within.
Suppose there is an object which if i get i get happiness. and i am sleeping and i imagine that object is with me. i am happy.
Suppose again that the object is there by my side but i am dreaming that its lost. there is sadness!!

so its not the object itself ... but the mental idea of my possessing it that is giving me joy. which means that happiness comes from within!! never from that object. coz the object , if it has to give me pleasure... it has to become a part of my mind and i should mentally possess it!! that means pleasure is coming from within.

now, having understood this much, when the object can never make me happy ... why long for them ? Habitually we still continue to depend upon these. so the verse aims to shake of such a dependency... when those dependencies are shaken off one sees oneself as one is and so will be able to perceive that one is Ananda Svarupa. Thus remaining as oneSelf, one is Freed of all dependencies. Having freed oneself of dependencies one may continue to relate to everyone as one choses.

The basis for all relationships is this body. I relate through this body. I am the body idea is a base idea from which all these dependencies originate. The verse says mata nasti ... there is no relationship called mother. the idea is to see myself as independent of all relationships. the idea is to shake off the dependencies on the relationships.

The verse continues to say artham nasti. money is not there. the idea is to shake myself of the dependence on money.

so all relationships and related emotions, ideas, expectations and excitements are put at rest. coz i am not this body and therefore none of the relationships hold any significance for me.
and so too, dependence on money is set to rest.

Person is left without any expectations as there is nothing to expect from. The objects are dismissed. One has to see oneself thus... where no expecations are triggered from any objects. Thats how one sees oneself as a free person. These verses are wonderful verses for meditation.

The best way to "See" them is to see oneself as without body. Now no relations hold, no money or no house... thus waking up, one sees oneself as one IS and remain Thus.

27 June 2012, 07:35 AM
जन्म दुःखँ जरा दुःखँ जाया दुःखँ पुनः पुनः।

सँसारसागरँ दुःखँ तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

Birth is sorrow, aging is sorrow, spose is sorrow !

Samsara itself is sorrow, therefore remain awake! be alert!

Actually duHkha and suHkha are two terms that are used very often.
Basically Kha means space. And Dur -is bad; Su is good.
Either good (mental) space or bad (mental) space. [just mental space without any of these modification is awareness]

Meaning either comfortable situation or a situation of discomfort. We all face such situations in life. Take for example the general temperature. Some times the temperature is pleasant. Some other times its not pleasant.

The problem is when comfort is mistaken for happiness. The situation may be comfortable or uncomfortable. I need to maintain the calmness of mind and remain conflictless within. When the discomfort is carried into mind ... its called unhappiness. When the discomfort is at the physical level ... its simply discomfort.

Let me explain this more. I know a sanyasin who is a great scholar. I met him once and asked him "Sir, you speak of all this Aham Brahmasmi etc, can you remain happy if you are denied sleep for 10 days". He is such a nice person that i could take the liberty to ask such a question. He said "See... physically there will be discomfort. no one can deny that. But mentally there should be total acceptance"
an old woman ... who was hardly able to walk, was there in that meeting. she got up after a few minutes and said "you are speaking well [though she was speaking telugu and did not understand a single word of english]. I am very happy" and left. He said "Do you see this? Physically, do you think she is in any condition to feel happy ? Physically, her body is totally wrecked. she is totally discomfortable. but mentally small things can give happiness. one needs to differentiate between these two".

its such a learning.
Discomfort cannot be avoided. Happiness should not be sacrificed for anything.

Janma or birth is dukkam as there is discomfort. if the person is not alert, it gets converted into mental discomfort.
same with aging. As one ages, there are diseases, the person cannot enjoy sense pleasures the same way he or she once used to etc. there is discomfort which is unavoidable. But one should make sure to not get into mental level of discomfort.

Spouse http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif ... nothing against a wife or a husband as such. But attachment breeds problems. A house holder is fine as long as he or she does not become house held. We get entangled in relations , emotions, ideas... the ideas , emotions or relations are never a problem. We use them to entangle ourselves and then are found helpless. There is a nice story ...

A student goes to a guru and says "Sir, This worldliness is not leaving me. Can you please help me get rid of it?"
The teacher says "Ok, come with me for a walk" and so they were going for a walk and then the guru simply starts walking faster and soon moves away from his sight. and then the student hears a shout "help! Help!" ... upon tracing the source he finds that the teacher is holding onto the tree and shouting "help! help! this tree is not leaving me"

"how can you say that the tree is not leaving you sir, its you who are holding onto it", the student said.

The guru simply smiled and said "Thats exactly the point with your worldliness. Tell me which part of the world is holding onto you ?"

Thats exactly how we create problems where there are none. And we do it almost unconsciously. When its said that samsara, this worldliness is a problem ... the idea is not that the world holds our neck and tortures us. As even, if i am a diabetic... no sweet would force me to gulp it up! I, due to my excess attachments, feed myself with sweets and then I say "The sweet is bad". the sweet is bad, as i am not alert and I have an unconscious tendency to get attracted towards them.

The same thing with our worldliness as well. Shankara says in Bhaja govindam : Yogaratho va bhogaratova sanga ratho va sanga vihina. yasyah brahmani ramate cittam, nandati nandati nandati eva"

"Whether the person is in yoga[totally non-indulgence] or bhoga[indulgence]. Whether the person is amongst people or in seclusion. The one whose mind revels in Brahman is Ever Blissful."

Thats why its important to Be Alert and Awake to the reality.
This sloka says that worldliness is a breeding ground for sorrow, if one is attached. therefore one needs to detach oneself from worldliness and revel in Brahman. Thereafter the person does not run after pleasures ... what comes his way due to prarabdha karma , if it is dharmic, he enjoys it. and what ever painful situations present to him due to prarabdha karma , he patiently bears it. he remains ever reveling in happiness without making the discomforts in situtations into mental disturbances or unhappiness.

So one needs to bring this to mind again and again and see how we are creating troubles in our lives through each of these means. We do not shun he means, but we just see how we are creating problems in our own lives by excess attachments and placing conditions upon ourselves. How we are creating troubles for ourselves using our own expecations and desires. We need to see that clearly within. Thats when we will naturally leave that and remain with ourselves.

27 June 2012, 07:36 AM
कामक्ष्च क्रोधक्ष्च लोभक्ष्च देहे तिष्ठन्ति तस्कराः।

ज्ञनरत्नापहाराय तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

Kama (desires), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed) are like theifs in this body who steal the jewel called "Jnana" [Self Knowledge]. Therefore be alert! Be Awake!

Friends, lets explore Kama, Desires first. We will clearly see how we ourselves create the whole web and get stuck in it. Lets see.

Kama means desire. Desires are there because we think we become better by getting a "particular object". We feel unfulfilled and incomplete within and then if we get something we will become complete and fulfilled. Therefore we desire that object which is a means to make me complete.

And we constantly feed our mind with this desire. How were these desires developed in the first place? By constantly thinking of an object we develop desire for them. In Bhagavad Gita its said "By meditating on objects, we develop association with them and from that association we develop desires, from desires (when they are unfulfilled) we grow anger and when in anger we forget all the teachings etc and thereby our Buddhi and all understanding goes waste. Thus we fall"

Its such a clear description of the entire mechanism. We "meditate " -- please see the usage of the word http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif! We meditate on the objects and develop association with them. First time I see some object its just an object. Then we constantly think abt it and develop ragam -- attachment. This is how desires are born. Thus, in order to undo this process, we should stop meditating on the objects .

we should develop the habit of not giving too much mental place for any object. Even when seeing things ,we should not see the objects with too much attention ... we need to develop this attitude of looking at the world like a passing cloud. This overall attitude eases the conflicts in mind.

Lets also take a look at how we create these conflicts within. First we meditate on the objects of the world and develop lot of associations :). And now suppose a religious person comes to us and says "you should not have desires" and perchance we agree with him ... then there is an inner conflict. We have fed the mind for a long long time that objects make us happy. The mind is fed with various thoughts about the objects as well. And some memories too! so now suddenly when we feed the mind "Leave everything there is no joy in objects" ... there are two conflicting ideas in mind. And what happens ? Some times one of these wins and some other times the other idea wins. And if we observe how we have fed the mind with the objects... suppose we pick a particular object ... say pleasure in sexual activity. We have lot of memories of sexual activity = happiness. We have these memories in the brain and they act as testimonials http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif. its in-wired in our memory.

Now suddenly this new suggestion "You are Happiness, Sex is not going to make you better" ... its too meek to counter the other idea. So we have to put in force to make this work. This is inner conflict and pressure. When the conflict is entertained in the mind ... pressure starts to build up and one is really in tough situations.

One has to handle all this intelligently now. One cannot simply go on a headon fight. Conflict is unavoidable. The previous wrong vasanas or wrong notions have to be countered. But http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif intelligently. One needs to have a proper strategy. The basic strategy is as follows:

a) Avoid adharmic pleasures totally. : By force. This itself is a tough thing to do. But then, a student of vedanta needs to do it. This is also very important to practise. Dharmic lifestyle means telling the truth and non adultery mentally etc. Its not really all that simple. One needs to practise this virtue. Simple things like coloring the facts to gain some advantage is adharma. One needs to be very careful.

b) Now with Dharmic desires. These also need to be ultimately undone. But, one cannot straight away do away with them. So what one does with dharmic desires is :
b1) Develop Viveka :
Throgh Shastra sravanam, study of works of Ramana, Ramakrishna , Chandrashekara
saraswati ji etc. which act as mananam and then meditating on our true nature.
b2) Develop Vairagya:
Contemplating on the transient nature of the world and seeing things of the world as
projections of mind -- like a dream. Reading yoga vasishta etc and contemplating on their
meaning would be useful if the student had the good fortune to listen to a teacher on
mandukya or the texts themselves. http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif

This way, slowly the inner vasanas are reduced and we will be able to really own up the desirelessness.

27 June 2012, 07:38 AM
आशाया बध्यते जन्तुः कर्मणा बहुचिन्तया।
आयु क्षीणँ न जानाति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

We are [The animal -humans are also addressed as animals here] bound by Expectations: various activities and excess thinking. so much so that we do not recognize the ebbing away of life. Therefore be awake! Be Awake!

This is a beautiful line to meditate upon. What binds us is always our own expectations. An expectation is a mental or physical destination. We predecide upon the destination we want to reach and then onwards we are constantly working to reach that destination. Constantly thinking as to how we can reach that destination.

What binds us is not really the activities, what binds us is not the thinking itself. what binds us is the "fixed" and very strong attachment to a destination. Our own expectations bind us. The activity does not have a capacity to bind us, we give it a capacity to bind us by first fixing an expectation.

Like, driving a car is absolutely fine. But if I have a destination pre-fixed: I must reach my office in 5 mins. Can we imagine the kind of tension and troubles it can create ?Just driving the car does not have the capacity to bind us or create trouble for us. But if we have set a destination "I want to not drive the car but go home and sleep", now ? Suddenly the activity becomes troublesome. The activity becomes a bondage.

So we all get bound by expectations through various activities and lot of thinking. The activities are not themselves binding but when we have huge expectations they become a bondage. and similarly thinking. When my thinking is centered around a set of expecations, it creates tension.

And in all these tensions and worries, as we are running after different destinations in life, suddenly we recognize that the life itself has passed away!!

Suppose we ask "Why these expecations?", the answer is obvious: "When i reach there, i will be happy"
Even if i reach any destination in life [success, career, family life, possessions etc], that happiness comes from within and never from without. It has always been compared to a dog chewing a dry bone. The dog chewing a bone thinks that the blood is coming from the dry bone, while the blood is oozing from its own injured jaws. Thats how it is. Happiness always comes from within. Its a pity that we have to depend on an external situation or circumstance for our happiness. And all our expecations are based on the false premise that happiness lies in some external destination --- some external situation would make me fulfilled.

So if we just drop the expectations. No where to go, nothing to do!
Absolutely Here, and no where to go!!
what else to do ?

And suddenly we see that we are very relaxed, blissful, lite etc!
now no matter what activities we involve in ... its absolutely fine.

We can even draw a few artificial destinations ... knowing pretty well that those destinations are just fancy destinations created for the purpose of a game and just move about in life. Just as , when we play a game of cricket, we create a boundary. the boundary is only to make it a game. We can also have losely held destinations, knowing fully well that We are the source of all Bliss and there is no where to go , nothing to do. Then, those lose destinations of life become simple lines of the boundary in a cricket or a football match. They do not bind us anymore.

Dropping expectations is liberation !

सम्पदः स्वप्नसँकाशाः यौवनँ कुसुमोपम्।
विधुच्चन्चचँल आयुषँ तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

All possessions are like what are seen in a dream, youthfulness is only for a short time , like a flower's lifetime. Life passes away like a lightening therefore be alert!

When we dream, we might possess a lot of valuable objects, but the moment we wake up all the objects are gone. In a dream if we say "This object should not go", that very idea will create lot of anguish. The dream objects cannot be held onto. This world that we experience is just a dream. Nothing more.
There is absolutely no difference between a dream and this world that we experience. Things come and they go. Any attempt to "Stop the Flow" is really stupid. Nothing can stop it.

What are possessions ? I posses a gold coin, say, does the coin feel that its mine ? I feel its mine. the coin does not have any such feelings. So when a thief comes and takes it away, i cry that "my" gold coin is leaving me! But the coin never says "See i am his coin, u cannot take me".
When we see this with respect to a gold coin, we feel its very trivial, but when we see our body in the same light ... we see ... the body ages. And the body does not have any complaints abt it!! We complain about the body's aging. The body simply flows. I may be worried that the body is aging, as i have projected an idea that this body is mine! But the body does not feel so.

If we observe carefully ... the whole world is simply flowing away. The stream of life does not stop. Its flowing constantly. Suppose we are sitting in a train, we clearly see the motion. we clearly see that everything is moving away. No scenary lasts long. The journey of life is no different. All this is passing away.

Like a lightening, our life is passing away. So swift. unfortunately, being a part of it, we miss the motion. We try to hold onto everything and trying to stop everything from moving http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif. By the very nature of things, the possessions shall pass away. They are like sceneries we see when we are sitting in a train and watching outwards. This journey of life is like a burning candle. its constantly burning away. Every moment I live is like another step I have taken towards death.

This is just the same as a dream. We have created a marked separation: this is waking life and this is a dream. But in reality, both are just the same. Everything is simply a dream. We need to recognize this fact and drop any attempt to hold onto anything. Coz things , by nature, pass away in a dream. One cannot stop a dream object from moving away.

Lets just do a small experiment. Suppose in my dream, I am dreaming all this, I left my home to office and right now i am in my office. where is my house ? In a dream, what ever i see is what is. My seeing and the objects being ... they are mutually dependent. I see my office, therefore it is, and the office is imagined and therefore i see. Thats the nature of maya. Everything is mutually dependent. When i am seeing my office ... in my dream ... where is my house ? No where !!
However, when i drive back to my home ... the home appears where it is ... how ? Merely based on memory! This is how it is in dream and thats exactly how it is in waking also.
This moment alone is!

when we see this, and release our mind of all the attachments for the objects of the world... we remain free!! We are naturally Alert, coz we have no burdens in mind. We are here, now! Thats what is Jagrata jagrata.

क्षणँ वित्तँ क्षणँ चित्तँ क्षणँ जीवितमावयोः।
यमस्य करूणा नास्ति तस्मात् जाग्रत जाग्रत॥

Money, memory and life are all momentary.
Lord Yama, the lord of death, does not show any mercy. Therefore be awake!!

Often we waste most of our lives accumulating more and more possessions and the moments of death draw near, thats when we recognize that it has been too late. We have spent all our times trying to accumulate objects of enjoyment, but have actually forgotten to live life!
Yama is just time... time does not show mercy on anyone. One cannot say "Oh! Please wait one more moment, there are a few more things to achieve" http://www.arunachala-ramana.org/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif
Time does not give that sort of a flexibility. And no one knows when one shall simply fall and pass away.
Its like that and when I say this, I am not being pessimistic here. This is just the truth as it is.

This life is simply a journey. We are as if sitting in this vehicle called body and holding onto one or the other object along the way. The objects pass away, the vehicle is moving. i have no choice and i cannot even make the vehicle not move. and so , the vehicle is constantly moving and now I am constantly trying to hold onto the objects and cry every time an object leaves. And even the vehicle is slowly waning away! thats the kind of journey. Obviously the journey is a burden, coz of my attitude towards it. I do not accept it as a journey, I treat it as a permanant residence and therefore I suffer. This attitude needs to be changed. When we change our attitude and look at life as a flow, nothing to hold onto ... and we start living our life like a holliday thats when we start to enjoy it. We need to look at it like a pleasure trip: with pleasure always coming from within. Everything is beautiful, but the joy is really coming from within ... so everywhere, everytime I am at joy with myself. Thus reveling as self, this flow just goes on! no worries, no sorrows, no troubles : just present in the moment, in this moment alone... the past moment is gone never to be back again and the next moment has not yet come. Therefore revel in this moment.... being here, now!

यावत् कालँ भवेत् कर्म तावत् तिष्ठन्ति जन्तवः।
तस्मिन् क्षीणे विन्श्यन्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

As long as their karma lasts so long we see the animal here, the moment the karma is over, the animal is gone. what is there to brood over this ?

Karma theory is one of the most interesting vedantic models. A model, as in science [atomic mode for example] is not proved. It explains the happenings and we can use the model to predict what happens when we do a particular action. As long as the experiments do not show proof against it, the model remains valid.

Richard Feynman says in his Physics lectures: this is like a game of chess being played by the Gods. We are only allowed to watch the game and we form rules based on our observations. Every now and then we see a new move and we have to change the rules to accomodate that rule.

Thats how scientific inquiry goes. Karma model is the set of rules that govern the our actions and the results. Its a wonderful system. When its clearly understood, it resolves lot of mental conflicts by itself. coz there is clarity of vision it brings about . Let us see...

There are a few fundamental axioms of karma model :
a) Every action has a result.
b) The result takes shape only when the time is ripe.

Suppose i water a plant. The plant gives fruit only when season is ripe. just coz i acted now, i need not get a result immediately.
so when i act, there is a result. but the result may come now or may not come now. if it does not come now, it means it waiting in the backlog for appropriate time!!

What a clear model this is !
So someone works very hard, and fails in an exam. And then after a few years, he writes one more exam, and here he passes with very little effort ... why ? The previous preparation took shape here!! So the previous result which was waiting in queue too shape here !!

what a simple but clear model !!

so now ... when a particular result thats awaiting in the queue starts to take shape ... its like an arrow released from a bow! it started already ... its called prak-arabdha ... already started result. that is prarabdha karma.

this body is a result of prarabdha karma. we got this body as a result of some prarabdha karma. if my previous karma was bad, i would have got an animal body perhaps! so this body is a result of prarabdha karma ... given to us for the purpose of undoing some prarabdha karma ... through this body we get the result of some of the actions we did . and when the purpose of this body is done, it passes away!!

so the coming of the body and its passing away, all the results that we accure in between ... all of them are a result of prarabdha karma and the moment the karma is completed, the body is taken away ...

thats how its designed .
what is there to worry about all this ? whats there to brood over this ? every one is just going by his or her prarabdha ... thats the meaning of the verse .

The idea in presenting the karmic model is not to create a theory out of it.
These verses are to be meditated upon. Meditation, in this context, means to remain with their meaning.
When we do that, our excess attachment towards the objects of the world eventually reduces.
We need to bring this again and again to our mind and see things in that light.
These verses are true as they are. They are simple and very correct.
What one needs to do is just remain with the meaning and see things as they are.

ऋणानुबन्धरूपेण पशुपत्निसुतादयः।
ऋणक्षये क्षयँ यान्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

as per the debts of prarabdha karma, relations are developed in this world. animals, wife or children, they are all forms of debts of previous life. when the debts exhaust temselves, all these pass away, what is there to brood over this ?

Debts of prarabdha karma lead to various types of relationships. When two people come together, they come with their own bags of prarabdha karma and then their coming together is a way the prarabdha karma unfolds. Eventually as that particular karma gets exhausted, they separate away. Thats how the whole dynamics is. nothing can be changed in this -- just as the law of gravity cannot be modified. one just appreciates this fact and what ever errors in understanding exist in the nook and corners of our mind, we need to use this understanding to eliminate it.

So in every relationship, one needs to see that we people are together as there is some karma thats common between us and thats now unfolding. when this is done, we shall separate away. one needs to take this idea and see all relationships in that light. we are together because of karma runam the debts in karma. and when thats done we shall separate.

When we do this, our attachments reduce, we know that the relationships are short lived, so we spend the time we are together very comfortably. Each other's errors are forgiven, coz we know that karmas are unfolding differently.
indeed we all are travelling on different directions and different routes, we meet in between and then separate again!

So when this viveka, this understanding, is taken into the mind and we start looking at life as a flow we clearly see how this togetherness is only temporary; we develop vairagya. If we still remain attached and want a certain relationship to last longer than it is ... it means the understanding has not sinked in. There is no choice in this. in the flow of time we have absolutely no choice. we cannot chose to stop our travel in time. This needs to be clearly seen , do not really have any sort of choice over this and therefore any struggle against the flow of time is futile.

such understanding brings in lot of calmness are reduces conflicts of mind. it brings in acceptance.

पक्वानि तरूपर्णानि पतन्ति क्रमशो यथा।
तथैव जन्तवः काले तत्र का परिदेवना॥
As Even the ripe leaves of a tree drop one after the other
even this animal shall drop off, what is there to brood over this ?

These are really verses for meditation. The leaves of a tree drop and so also it is the case with this body, it shall also drop off. One needs to start looking at life thus. The aim is to completely accept that things shall all pass away long before the things actually pass away. When we develop that attitude we tend to look at life as a constant flow. Yesterday is a leaf that has already fallen away. Today is a fresh leaf and by tomorrow this shall pass away. This is how life is configured. This is how things are all going on.

If we brood over it , its only due to non-acceptance. We do not accept, coz our "identity" seems to depend on it. Since i do not know my true nature, I associate my identity with the objective world. The objective world seems to define me. Suppose I ask myself, who am i ? and the answer is a name, a degree, sex, religious beliefs etc --- what does it mean ? Am i the name or do i have a name? am i the degree or do i have a degree ? am i the body or do i have a body ?

To mistake what i have with what i am is a fundamental mistake that is the cause for all sorrows. I have a body, i am not the body. Do we see the difference betweeen saying i have a dog and i am a dog ? :) People may not say that openly, but thats how they feel inside. Someone's dog is dying and this person needs to meet a psychiatrist. If we ask him "Why do you have psychological problems if your dog is dying", his reply would be "what am i if the dog is not there ?"

Thats how we define our identity with objects of the world. The objects dont make me. I AM, and everything else follows. But somehow i tend to identify with the objects and then the objects seem to define me... and as the objects die, we seem to worry and brood over it. To see the objects of the world as dying is the first step in losening this excess dependence on the objects of the world. We need to meditate on these verses and actually start seeing the world in this light. We need to see how leaves of this world are falling every moment. This is an attitude change. We need to develop this attitude and when we look at the world as a flow, we clearly see how beneath this flow is a changeless reality... the True ME, independent of all the changing entities. Thats when we no more try to hold onto anything - neither try to enforce something, nor try to stop something from happening: just pure witness. We now do not "be witness", we just "Are Witness", there is no choice in "being it" or "not being it". We are that witness and how else can we be that "Just Be" :)

एक वृक्षसमारूढा नानाजाति विहङ्गमाः।

प्रभते क्रमशो यान्ति तत्र का परिदेवना॥

Assembled on the same tree, birds of differed feathers.

as it dawns, they all leave one by one, what is there to brood over this ?

We are all like sojourners. We have our own paths and for a short period we come together in this journey and when the sojourn is over, the paths separate and we move away. The moment we forget that we are sojourners, we get attached to the people and events in life. Neither the people nor the events are going to last for ever, infact even as we see them they are moving apart constantly. And we suffer as we do not want it to change. Whenever we suffer, we can ask ourselves this interesting question: "What is it that we do not want to happen". We suffer means there is something happening an we do not wish that it happens. We are colliding with the events/ happenings. Thats when there is suffering. Whenever we find ourselves suffering, this is an interesting question we can put to ourselves " What is it that i am colliding with ?" :) "what is it that i do not want to happen ?" and what ever that is, we can stop going against it. Thus when one stops colliding with anything that happens, one stands liberated. The tendency to collide with what is happening is there because we do not understand that there is no point in collision. Something is moving away, something else is coming towards, in both the cases there is no need to conflict. This attitude is called acceptance and is very essential for a sadhaka.

इदँ काष्ठँ इदम् काष्ठँ नध्यँ वहतिसँगतः।

सँयोगाक्ष्च वियोगाक्ष्च का तत्र परिदेवना॥

This and that corpse are flowing together in a river.

They remai n together for some time and then separate, what is thre to brood over this?

So what is really there to brood over this? Who is together and who gets separated in reality ? The Self is not at all touched by anything , whatsoever. And The bodies do not have a sense of togetherness. So who is getting seperated in reality ? From the standpoint of the bodies, there is no separation. From the stand point of the Self, there is no possibility of separation. Then who is getting separated ? Mind is doing this linking. How does it do that ? Please see... The body does not "Know", its a mere corpse. its floating in the river of time and when two corpse come together they do not "Feel" togetherness. When the corpse separate , they do not miss each other. Thats how they are. The Awareness which is the basis for all knowing is itself changeless and remains totally still and motionless. In that, there is no change possible. Awareness Just IS, it does not care whether these corpse come together or go away. A tsunami happens and millions of people die... Awareness is changeless still... not the least trace of movement. Such is awareness. Now mind associates the two and creates a sense of separation and togetherness and thats where all trouble starts.

Who is really this "I" which is really troubled or happy about these movements of the corpses ? If we see, the body does not know. Awareness does not care. Inbetween the body and the Awareness there are a few thoughts, but they come and they go that very moment !! However what happens is , a series of fast moving thoughts create the illusion t hat there is a real entity called "I" which is happy or unhappy with the events. There is really no "I". Hence no one to brood over all this! Just Be!

OM! Sri Guru charan arpitam astu! OM!