View Full Version : Finite things do not contain happiness

22 January 2007, 05:47 PM
Hari Om

Nalpe sukham asti - 'finite things do not contain happiness' - rishi Sanatkumara

The wise know that finite things are transatory . They possess little bits of happiness for us. Not, enough to satify us for long periods of time. These bits of possessions do not bring the full joy we are looking for. Also these bits are part of the whole, the fullness of this Being. They are not bad things, they are material. To the enlightened eye all things are , in essence, consciousness that has taken shape.

So why does one pursue things? The wise tell us that the desire for final freedom, when projected through the senses becomes the desire for objects. "Maybe if I have this, this it will make me feel full, complete, whole" . This chasing takes us from birth to birth. Its said , unfullfilled desires brings one to the next birth. Some call this the transmigration of the jiva.

As offered in the Saririka Brahmana , it says just as a goldsmith molds gold into anther shape, one can find oneself, after dropping this body, in newer pattern in a new life - of the manes, the gandarva's, prajapati, a brahma, etc. All from not fulfilling the greatest desire to merge with the Infinite… which is in us, it is the SELF. This Upanishad goes on to say, 'when one directly perceives this effulgent SELF, the Lord (then) of past, present and future does not conceal himeself from him any longer' . So it is the realization of the SELF that brings one to the Lord.

So, it is within our grasp, yet some look out side to find the Infinite.