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23 July 2012, 06:33 AM
So on sunday, my grandparents were coming from India. (My mothers side)
My grandad is almost 83 and grandmother almost 70, my grandad only has 30% hearing [on his good days] and they have both become extremely fragile as you may imagine. We were worried about how they would get here.
I knew someone would hopefully help along the way, but when we went to pick them up - there was a nice young indian lady who had accepted my grandparents as her own parents, and literally done everything for them!
Picked, and loaded their bags, filled their forms, got them through customs, I mean everything to the point of escorting them out of arrivals. One of their suitcases broke and she even bought them a new one!

It was very pleasant to see. There is a whole lot of corruption and greed going on in India and around the world, but for those who (choose) to grow from the nourishing values of our sanskar they become such beautiful people like that young lady. It was really nice to see. Otherwise, in this day and age who cares for our elders? I personally love old people - so much wisdom but people are becoming so impatient and selfish.

That's just my opinion, it brought a smile to my face!
Jai Jai mahadev!

23 July 2012, 11:02 AM
Vannakkam Icy,

in this day and age who cares for our elders? I personally love old people - so much wisdom but people are becoming so impatient and selfish.

That's exactly what I've always thought. I love old people, and can spend hours talking to them. They have so much knowledge and valuable wisdom to share that I can never get enough of them. I love sitting with my grandmothers for tea, hearing the amazing stories about the glorious lives they had when they were younger.

At gatherings and celebrations, it's always the older relatives and family friends that I sit and talk with first, before moving on to the younger ones. This may seem weird to everyone, even my parents, haha, who love mocking me with stuff like "OMG he's becoming a Mama(Tamil for uncle)". :D

Last year, my class in university made a charity visit to an orphanage cum old folk's home for a class activity. You can imagine what happened. Most of the activities and attention were for the younger ones in the orphanage, while the older ones in the old folk's home were only supposed to watch. I was the only one who actually went and sat and talked with the older folks. They have so much to share and talk about, you won't believe it. And they were so grateful. They tell me their sad stories about children leaving them, and I calm them down and advise them. :)

I feel sad when I see old people being left alone, to fend for themselves, while their children selfishly go about with their own lives. The grandchildren or younger generation these days are stereotypically hopeless when it comes to dealing with old people, and usually think of them as a burden. I don't think they even spend time talking to them at all. I wonder where we're heading to. Scares me seriously!

I personally wish both my grandfathers were still around. Both of them passed away within 6 years before my birth. I still can't get over that. Hmmm... I'm sure I'll meet them eventually though. ;)

Aum Namah Shivaya

23 July 2012, 03:37 PM
My grandfather and grandmother (fathers side) also past away before my birth! Wish I saw them too! Oh well whatever the lord sees fit.