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  1. The Debt I Owe to Yoga
    The Debt I Owe to Yoga

    I owe yoga a remarkable debt. It is the vehicle by which I arrived at my spiritual home. It changed my life both physically and metaphysically, leaving me with a deep sense of gratitude and reverence. Once I began to delve into the subject, I was amazed at its breadth ...
  2. "Today’s Ponder HYMN IX Bk VII Atharva Veda"

    A prayer to Pūshan for protection and the recovery of lost property

    1 Pūshan was born to move on distant pathways, on roads remote
    from earth, remote from heaven.

    To both most lovely places of assembly he travels and returns
    with perfect knowledge.
    2 Pūshan knows all these realms: may he conduct us by ways that
    are most free from fear and ...

    I can think of few if any subjects, no matter how reverent or sensitive, that aren’t Mocked in the West

    I didn’t really start this project to rant, but I saw an article today that made me inclined to do so. Essentially, it lamented the disrespect the West has for yoga. From my perspective though, the West has not much respect for anything. ...
  4. My Shiva Egg

    You may have heard the expression “I know just enough to be dangerous”. It is usually said by someone who has an interest in a certain subject and feels pretty impressed with themselves at the amount of their newly acquired knowledge. Yet occasionally, something will humble them and show them how much they don’t know. Case in point; earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit places I generally don’t, art ...
  5. Mysteries unsolved- Devotion

    First of all Namaste all who are reading.. Saying namaste is the rule of this forum and now it's my habit to say namaste and pranam.. Which is the nice thing.. Hmm.. Satay Ji added much features in hdf and blogs is one of them.. I don't know much about what blog is but assuming that it's just a way of informal sharing and going forward in trying this new feature..

    I didn't think yet what to write or even why I am writing so just going forward in telling what's going on in my mind.. ...
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