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  1. The Final Four – Yoga Limbs 5 thru 8

    Posted on June 9, 2017 by invisible

    The Final Four – Yoga Limbs 5 thru 8

    This concludes the series 8 Limbs of Yog

    In brief summary, we have discussed the goal of Yoga, which is to unite one’s transitory (temporary) self, “JIVA” with the infinite “BRAHMAN”, the Hindu concept of God. This God is not ...
  2. Part II Of The Debt I Owe to Yoga

    Have You Exercised Your Limbs Today?

    Posted on May 16, 2017 by invisible
    Have You Exercised Your Limbs Today?

    Part II Of The Debt I Owe to Yoga

    This is the second part of a series entitled The Debt I Owe to Yoga, subtitled Have you worked your limbs today? Part one was an introduction to yoga, some of its cultural impact, a brief history, and how it has affected ...
  3. Musings of Hinduism By Nithin Sridhar A Book Review by The invisible Hindu

    Namaste All this is an excellent book. Check out the review. It is a noble read

    By Nithin Sridhar

    Nithin Sridhar has created a master piece. He has many meaningful thoughts on Hinduism that he packs into this book, ...
  4. The Debt I Owe to Yoga
    The Debt I Owe to Yoga

    I owe yoga a remarkable debt. It is the vehicle by which I arrived at my spiritual home. It changed my life both physically and metaphysically, leaving me with a deep sense of gratitude and reverence. Once I began to delve into the subject, I was amazed at its breadth ...
  5. "Today’s Ponder HYMN IX Bk VII Atharva Veda"

    A prayer to Pūshan for protection and the recovery of lost property

    1 Pūshan was born to move on distant pathways, on roads remote
    from earth, remote from heaven.

    To both most lovely places of assembly he travels and returns
    with perfect knowledge.
    2 Pūshan knows all these realms: may he conduct us by ways that
    are most free from fear and ...
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