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  1. Pearls of Transcendence

    sacchidAnanda rUpAya vishwatpathyAdi hetave
    tApatraya vinAshAya shri kRshNAya vayam numah: ||

    Many many pearls have been given by Shri KrshNa -- this blog will try to collect some

    Today's pearls will be from the KRshNa -- Uddhava conversation in Shrimad BhAgvat a.k.a. Uddhava GitA ~

    SB 11.19.1 Without relying simply on conclusions of scriptures, one who has acquired knowledge by AtmasAkshAtkAra (has realized the Self, AtmA), that person should,

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    Shri KRshNa's Pearls
  2. Fundamental terms within Advaita.

    Namaste Everyone,

    I have decided to give certain fundamental terms that are used in Advaita , which are the basis of analysis in Advaita.

    Some terms are as follows Satyam, Mithya, Anrutam, Tuccham, Chit and Maya.

    Satyam- "Abadhitam hi Satyam" which means that which cannot be dismissed is Satyam.

    Mithya- That viz dependent upon Satyam. This means that Mithya does not have independent existence.

    A classic example is that of ...
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  3. Gayatri mantra & Ramayan

    Our Shastra is not just meaningful explanation or narration. It is embibed in chhanda - meters -- and this extends beyond the core Vedas -- like anushTup chhanda being used for Bhagavad GeetA.

    It is not at all surprising that Valmiki wrote RamayaN in such a way that each 1000 shlokas are the "vistaar" (expansions) of 24 syllables, "beeja" (seeds) of the GayatrI mantra. It means the saar i.e. ESSENCE of RAmAyaN is the GAyatrI. Yes, our scriptures are esoteric.

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    Shri KRshNa's Pearls
  4. It's Like We Don't Exist

    Vannakkam: I've come to believe marginalised people exist.

    -The elders are hidden under the rug of retirement homes, places to wait and die.
    -Women didn't get the vote until recently.
    -First nations people in Canada get $6500 per student per year for education grant from the federal government, while the national average (all others are funded provincially) is $11 000.
    -In discussion of Religion in the west, Hinduism and others aren't mentioned. It's like we don't ...
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