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  1. My Shiva Egg

    You may have heard the expression “I know just enough to be dangerous”. It is usually said by someone who has an interest in a certain subject and feels pretty impressed with themselves at the amount of their newly acquired knowledge. Yet occasionally, something will humble them and show them how much they don’t know. Case in point; earlier this week I had the opportunity to visit places I generally don’t, art ...
  2. Mysteries unsolved- Devotion

    First of all Namaste all who are reading.. Saying namaste is the rule of this forum and now it's my habit to say namaste and pranam.. Which is the nice thing.. Hmm.. Satay Ji added much features in hdf and blogs is one of them.. I don't know much about what blog is but assuming that it's just a way of informal sharing and going forward in trying this new feature..

    I didn't think yet what to write or even why I am writing so just going forward in telling what's going on in my mind.. ...
  3. It's Like We Don't Exist

    Vannakkam: I've come to believe marginalised people exist.

    -The elders are hidden under the rug of retirement homes, places to wait and die.
    -Women didn't get the vote until recently.
    -First nations people in Canada get $6500 per student per year for education grant from the federal government, while the national average (all others are funded provincially) is $11 000.
    -In discussion of Religion in the west, Hinduism and others aren't mentioned. It's like we don't ...
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  4. The Wrench, and Sampradaya

    When I was young I marveled at my Uncle's ability to know sizes of wrenches. He'd be working away under some farm machine, often a combine harvester, and yell out, "Pass me the five eighths" or "a inch an d a sixteenth". Now, I was in-experienced with the wrench, and often had to try 3 or 4 before one would fit. But not him. He got the right one 95% of the time. For me it was constant experimentation.


    Because it worked. He knew the right wrench, ...
  5. Gayatri mantra & Ramayan

    Our Shastra is not just meaningful explanation or narration. It is embibed in chhanda - meters -- and this extends beyond the core Vedas -- like anushTup chhanda being used for Bhagavad GeetA.

    It is not at all surprising that Valmiki wrote RamayaN in such a way that each 1000 shlokas are the "vistaar" (expansions) of 24 syllables, "beeja" (seeds) of the GayatrI mantra. It means the saar i.e. ESSENCE of RAmAyaN is the GAyatrI. Yes, our scriptures are esoteric.

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