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  1. Advaita Vedantha: Serious Attention Required: Part II

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    Namaste Brahman,

    I am really sorry. How can I commit mistake again and again in understanding your intentions in your posts ? It is the third time when this has happened.

    Actually, if you read the sentence, "Does this indirectly means that you have been a class-VIII’s physics student earlier and then qualified for the advanced physics called quantum mechanics." ... it can be interpreted in the way I saw it. I always value your posts and your views on Advaita
  2. Pearls of Transcendence

    sacchidAnanda rUpAya vishwatpathyAdi hetave
    tApatraya vinAshAya shri kRshNAya vayam numah: ||

    Many many pearls have been given by Shri KrshNa -- this blog will try to collect some

    Today's pearls will be from the KRshNa -- Uddhava conversation in Shrimad BhAgvat a.k.a. Uddhava GitA ~

    SB 11.19.1 Without relying simply on conclusions of scriptures, one who has acquired knowledge by AtmasAkshAtkAra (has realized the Self, AtmA), that person should,

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    Shri KRshNa's Pearls
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