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    hari o


    For those joining HDF it is great to have you here. I thought I would share this with you ...Some time ago a handful of members discussed how we can make the forum better, that is to add value , perhaps depth and breath to the offer.

    All of the HDF members that wished to participate gave insightful feedback on this matter. Here is what we captured as valuable for the HDF participant to consider when posting.

    • Greeting your reader - one simple thing you can consider for infusing this cuture into your actions is starting here with your posts. A 'hello' or namaste , or a saluation of greeting. And at the end a thank you, or praṇām , or dhanyavāda. Why do so? It sets the tone for the conversation.
      We're simple people and we greet each other with respect.These are our customs.

    • A key tenet: Reading (something) does not insure comprehension. As you post your ideas, please consider the reader. Helping the reader understand your POV is important. Will they get your idea, concept?
    • High on the list of 'unattractive' is cut 'n paste. There is little value to a cut 'n paste from another site that does not add definition, conclusions and points of reason one is to be considering. If one uses cut 'n paste, What does that sūtra, mantra, vallī, etc. mean to you ? to the conversation?

      • If the quoted works come from the wise take a stab at what the parable means, otherwise it is just ink on paper, nothing more. This is how we stretch our thinking , our concepts, our understanding. How will one reach the Infinite if we are content with limits?

    • Quality is king - Many see HDF other then a message board. Some great ideas and insights are available to you. So you may consider how one adds value to the conversation, a POV, etc.
    • Define your terms - if Sanskrit is offered, or Latin, or other language, provide the English rendition, and maybe root words of its origin, this is for learning purposes.
      That is why you see many posts that have definitions of words attached, embedded to the postings. This is the reason we started the lexicon. We cannot communicate if we do not know the words. Plus it is a relevant learning vehicle for new words.
      • Note too that you run the risk of having your post deleted if you do not define your terms...

    • Respect, humble, & openness to others and their ideas... a 'no spanking policy'. Recognize good work. We will do this via compliments, and applause. The intent:- catch people doing something right and acknowledge their good work. Make corrections to thinking, but not at the expense of ones good nature or mental health.
    • If there is an issue with another member - this is called jalpa. It will be handled in the proper manner. This post and the conversations contained therein outlines the approach: http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/sho...0527#post50527


    words & references
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    1. Atmahatya's Avatar
      Atmahatya -
      Warmly welcome from Poland.
      I am here because I am looking for some important information for me
      I do not know english very well so I use electronic google translator

      Several years I was looking for answers about the death and consciousness

      This is what I found in the sacred writings of Hinduism, Buddhism and the Abrahamic religions
      plunge me into a complete disillusionment, apathy, depression etc

      All books are compatible with each other
      They differ from each other only by doctrines and dogmas invented by people over the centuries,
      but the essence of the teachings is the same.
      Therefore I resigned from my spiritual practice and spiritual development

      Each of us will meet the same end
      Great master and a great ignorant they are same dead.
      On the other hand,we are too dead to die.

      Excess knowledge and look too deeply
      exposes us to the discovery of truth that does not necessarily have to please us
    1. Guhananda's Avatar
      Guhananda -
      Namaste All,
      I am Guhananda, From Canada,
      I am Very Happy to have found this Wonderful forum about Sanatan Dharma
      I started Practicing Sanatan Dharma not too much long ago, and i am very pleased to be part of this Wonderful Spiritual Family that is Sanatan Dharma,
    1. Adityahridayam's Avatar
      Adityahridayam -
      pranamam to all,

      I am spiritual seeker and devotee of Divine Mother Lalithambika.
      I was initiated into Shakti workship by my Pujya Guruji.
    1. Friend from the West's Avatar
      Friend from the West -
      Namaste Adityahridayam,

      Welcome to HDF. Hope you enjoy your time here.

      Om Namah Shivaya

      Friend From The West
    1. Allan's Avatar
      Allan -
      Namaste everybody,

      New member here from Scandinavia. I've been interested in God(s) and religion since childhood. Having been down other paths that weren't right for me, I'm now very interested in Sanatana Dharma (I'm feeling drawn to it and its theology and philosophy) and am reading introductory books (firstly a few from Himalayan Academy).

      I think realizing how much sense the concept of reincarnation makes, I don't think I can got back to the "one chance only" mindset.

      With love
    1. devotee's Avatar
      devotee -
      Welcome to the forums, Allan !

      Please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions, whenever you need.

    1. kapsitis's Avatar
      kapsitis -
      Helloo All,

      My name is Kapil Khanna, resident of New Delhi, India. What brings me here is to discuss the mystries of life, philosophical in nature, the ones that do not have definitive answers ………. only interpretations ! Each one to take what works for them from these discussions and use it as per their Karma. I have a feeling, I can learn a loot from such a group of wise men. Looking forward to the explorations.

      thanks you all,
      best of Luck,
    1. Blodeuwedd's Avatar
      Blodeuwedd -
      Hi my name is Blodeuwedd, I visit Gujarat, India often, there is more about me here...




      As Hindus we are all family through God/dess..
    1. Waterfall's Avatar
      Waterfall -

      I am new here and have just seen this way of introducing one self.

      I am a man from denmark who wants to learn about God.

      I have already posted some question and is waiting for the moderator to approve it.

      Maybe my thread should be callt something else. I named it "New questions?". But maybe it should be callt more questions or some questions...

      I am not used to introducing myself, so I hope this will do.

      Best regards

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