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The Wrench, and Sampradaya

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When I was young I marveled at my Uncle's ability to know sizes of wrenches. He'd be working away under some farm machine, often a combine harvester, and yell out, "Pass me the five eighths" or "a inch an d a sixteenth". Now, I was in-experienced with the wrench, and often had to try 3 or 4 before one would fit. But not him. He got the right one 95% of the time. For me it was constant experimentation.


Because it worked. He knew the right wrench, and didn't ask for the entire case of them to try a few.

Same with surgeons. They don't put a patient under the knife to mess around, experiment, etc. They use the tried and true.

This is what sampradaya is, and the importance of it. - A method that works. It's worked for others, for the teachers who came before. It's not some experimentation, but a tries and true practice refined with each new teacher in the lineage.

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  1. c.smith's Avatar
    And thus the importance of knowing a guru before accepting as ones spiritual master. Thank you for the gentle reminder to keep sampradaya in mind. Om