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It's Like We Don't Exist

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Vannakkam: I've come to believe marginalised people exist.

-The elders are hidden under the rug of retirement homes, places to wait and die.
-Women didn't get the vote until recently.
-First nations people in Canada get $6500 per student per year for education grant from the federal government, while the national average (all others are funded provincially) is $11 000.
-In discussion of Religion in the west, Hinduism and others aren't mentioned. It's like we don't exist.

Let's stand up and be counted. Sorry, people, but we exist.

Aum Namasivaya

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  1. Anirudh's Avatar
    Namaste EM ji

    I wonder what would a Indian Hindu farmer who is contemplating to commit suicide every day say if he ever get access and skills to read what you have written.?

    Sincere apologies for being sarcastic or trying to derail or haven't understood point of view. Non Indian Hindus are minorities in their respective societies yet they are far better off than the poor Indian Hindu who ironically are classified as majority.
  2. IcyCosmic's Avatar
    I agree. I feel like this all the time.
  3. devotee's Avatar
    Hindus are highly and very dangerously un-organised as compared to followers of other faiths. We must do something to get organised and stay united wherever we are. Due to our own nature, even in India where the Hindus are in majority, we feel that the others have upper hand because of their being organised and their unity as a community.
  4. Friend from the West's Avatar
    Hari Om,

    Late to this JaiJi,

    Until reading a book recently, could say have never read a bad book or seen a bad movie. I have now read a bad book, "Eternal Life: A New Vision" A well meaning friend gave me this book and "The Power of Now", by Eckhart Tolle. The first book's author is somewhat prolific, John Shelby Spong. Had never read nor will read another. Older cat he his and writes this book as if he is giving whole world new insights when he is poorly extrapolating in some major sense, portions of Hinduism. Tolle, much better in my view, but what he unveils is 100% straight from Hindu texts and scriptures. I even hear in India, the self help new age books are all over book shelves. I have mixed views on if all things Hindu are becoming popular, minus the root, India. This was brought out in a kinda written Satsang with my bhai from HDF.

    So, two things at least: Western self help and/or new age authors who are taking and sharing portions of our scriptures without proper recognition nor the "full story" and the spreading of Hindu light, without the root, which is India and without this, besides the slight, is no lifestyle following either.

    DevoteeJi mentions here and Believerji, often in these matters, that there is disunity at times even here as well as out in the world.

    Do not know answer, but do believe as been silent along time here on HDF but reading, what everyone is doing within these confines does matter. The numbers that are shared on how many people peek in and browse says something. YajvanJis responses and threads are almost like handbooks and the other knowledge shared here, over years, is unmatched on the www by my observation. This matters. So maybe in this life time, no home run is hit in making differences, but even this forum is a few bricks layed.