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Mysteries unsolved- Devotion

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First of all Namaste all who are reading.. Saying namaste is the rule of this forum and now it's my habit to say namaste and pranam.. Which is the nice thing.. Hmm.. Satay Ji added much features in hdf and blogs is one of them.. I don't know much about what blog is but assuming that it's just a way of informal sharing and going forward in trying this new feature..

I didn't think yet what to write or even why I am writing so just going forward in telling what's going on in my mind.. It's the forum for spirituality so sharing only spiritual stuff..

Sometimes I wonder, like you.. What is going on all here.. Everyone is on a quest.. Finding some mystery.. Some satisfaction.. Always running! But achieving? Big question!

The old but true dialogue in spirituality that many paths leads to one.. But each path is different with its unique attribute.. With its specific time, maturity but ultimately everyone achieves that for which they are here..
Some have envolved their whole brain and heart in learning the mighty mystic scriptures to know him.. The truth which is already written in book but one wants to experience them rather than just reading.

Some are doing sadhnas.. Various sadhnas, meditation, mudras to see him, to connect him.. But again that path is different
While some are melted in the love for that divinity.. To feel him and to feel his love.. (Bhakti path)
And there are also Some who don't know what they are doing.. What is there path, where they are going and why?

This people are just searching based on their some experience, their curiosity, the unfulfilled thirst of lots of questions..
We all know somewhere that there is something we are unaware of.. The life is more than just living and dying.. We are here for something more important than what we are doing..
No one is fully satisfied, eighter the poor man or the billioner. They all have longing for something.. Just there are few diamonds who are satisfied.. Because they know truth, they know him.. They know his existence beyond this everything and more than just knowing they can feel his overwhelming presence..

Going further I just noticed that we all missed some basic and sweet things.. Like bhakti.. In our quest..
I know everyone of here have this questions! Is God really exist? Or I am fool to trying to find him? Who I am? And what is the secret about this vast and great universe whose every atom looks wonder..
But one day suddenly we get to know that.. The truth which is unexplainable but yet conceivable by a person who suit for it..

So I was talking about what we are missing.. My limited intellect is just calculating all,
Is we tried to connect him properly with full trust.. With belief from heart that everything is false, illution and he alone exist!
Is we tried to feel his ever present unconditional love and tried to feel same for all the cosmos and living, non-living things in it?
Is we tried to gave up every everything we have and just seat looking him and loving him? To know his will as supreme will..
Okay, I guess it's enough for now.. What I wrote is slightly pointing towards bhakti..
We should try to do small things which are big in its true nature..

Devotion, trust and surrender.. This are things we hear a lot.. But does we try them ever in its fullest form.. Just analyze yourself and try to bring this wonderful things in your life.. And feel his love..

So I shared what I was thinking today..

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  1. rakovsky's Avatar
    Nice post.
  2. Soul of Light's Avatar
  3. rakovsky's Avatar
    I heard that Namaste means to bow to God or a god in someone. What do you think?
  4. rakovsky's Avatar
    "Everyone is on a quest.. Finding some mystery.."
    The cosmos in a way are chaotic and mysterious.
  5. rakovsky's Avatar
    "Some have envolved their whole brain and heart in learning the mighty mystic scriptures to know him.. T"
    Deep thoughts.
  6. rakovsky's Avatar
    "But achieving?"
    Maybe it depends on how you measure success?
  7. rakovsky's Avatar
    "And there are also Some who don't know what they are doing.. What is there path, where they are going and why?"
    Maybe that includes even the ones praying? But some people are more comfortable with that, I guess.
  8. Soul of Light's Avatar
    Thanks for comments..
    Namaste literally mean bow to you..
    But God is in everyone or by other view we are God.. So we can say like that also bowing to god in someone..
  9. rakovsky's Avatar
    Yes, I believe God is everywhere. This is interesting.
    May I ask what you think of my new thread on the gods in the Indus civilization:

    Please, you are welcome to write in there!
  10. rakovsky's Avatar
    I hope you will write some more blog entries.