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    Re: Is 'Faith' necessary?

    So the word "faith" actually means logical acceptance?
    My dear friend Grames, the word faith has multiple meanings, just as the word illusion: which may mean "delusion = we see something...
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    Re: Emotional Religion: Good or Bad?

    Hello everyone,

    bad... bad... bad...:banghead:
    good... good... good... :bowdown:

    I'd say both good AND bad...

    It depends on what emotions we're dealing with. If it is unconditional love...
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    Re: Avatars Vs Shiva Bhaktas

    Hello everyone,

    Renuka, point noted, good question... Could be true or false, who knows? nobody can timetravel and verify the following: "Did the Avatars actually descend to save the world or ...
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    Re: Anger and Puja

    Eastern Mind,

    Thank you for bringing me out of the 'literal' interpretation of the puranas, I almost forgot the situations are used to depict the Bhaava Artha of the complex phenomena...
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    Re: Anger and Puja

    namaste Devotee,
    thank you for the suggestion on fruits. I often forget the role of the food in the workings of the body and the role of body in influencing the mind...:D
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    Re: Anger and Puja


    Thank you Eastern Mind for your reply on the matter.

    Your answer has actually confused me a bit more instead of clarifying a doubt of mine..:confused:

    Yes, I'm familiar with this...
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    Re: Anger and Puja


    what is your personal opinion from your experiences? Should anger be completely eliminated? Or can it be used positively? Is there anything good to anger? Or should it be completely...
  8. Re: The dasavataras of Sri Vishnu calmed down by Lord Shiva question

    :confused:hello Viraja,
    Where am I suppressing information? Kindly explain. I don't get it..:confused:
    Well, I seem to be giving additional information, with the stories of Parashuram and Rama and...
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    Re: Does God have desires?

    wow.. nice question!!:eek:

    kallol: god and desire incompatible?

    Vaishnava view: Hari had the desire to create, hence he created.
    Pradyumna(desire) is the son of Krishna(God)....
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    Re: Is 'Faith' necessary?

    Hello everyone.
    My personal opinion is that faith is not necessary in the light of spiritual pursuit, but it is important. Let's not have a categorical approach to this matter, instead, let's have a...
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    Re: Anger and Puja

    Hello sir, sailing on the same boat here... Anger issues with too...

    People of the forum, the following may be a bit childish, and don't judge me, but.. I believe in spontaneous writing. Writing...
  12. Re: The dasavataras of Sri Vishnu calmed down by Lord Shiva question

    The idea that one god is required to calm another god itself is very surprising.
    I've heard that in Ramayana that Parashurama was enraged because Rama had broken the bow of Shiva and came to...
  13. Re: The dasavataras of Sri Vishnu calmed down by Lord Shiva question

  14. Re: CURSE THE FANATICS!! Oh and Hi all, I'm back to these forums after many years,

    And what further saddens me is that people who replied initially were actually trying to show me the right way without showing me the door. It takes great patience to show someone they're wrong. It's...
  15. Re: CURSE THE FANATICS!! Oh and Hi all, I'm back to these forums after many years, :)


    Hello Believerji.
    Thank you.

    please do have the patience for replying this post. It is sensible and logical that one would not be interested in the stupidity of others.

  16. Re: CURSE THE FANATICS!! Oh and Hi all, I'm back to these forums after many years, :)

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    Re: Mortal body and Philosophy ?

    Yeah... a good question, lazy people like me who don't appreciate the benefits of physical work would ask why follow healthy lifestyle? all I need is my mind(summation of manas, buddhi, soul and...
  18. Re: CURSE THE FANATICS!! Oh and Hi all, I'm back to these forums after many years, :)

    :o this is embarrassing, I did not mean it in a bad way. let me be clear here...1. On my hatred to fanatics. I do not hate any groups. well, I did post my hatred, paradoxically, hatred is not a good...
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    Re: Does Lord Shiva answer?

    Sorry, I did not look at any of the other replies, sorry for that, the answer to the question is... Yes. But, conditions apply.

    Condition number 1(The most important): You must be completely...
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    Re: Shradddha

    I'm curious, somebody answer this question.
  21. CURSE THE FANATICS!! Oh and Hi all, I'm back to these forums after many years, :)

    Hi everyone, I'm back after many years, the lord (I see him as Shiva.. om namah Shivaya) had guided me through my intuition to develop spiritually without these forums as it was clashing with my way...
  22. Re: the world is an illusion, but its real enough

    Umm... Hello to all... I hate it when philosophy boils down to language and that too when it gets hit like a tennis ball between two languages.... Can someone please explain to me what "exactly" maya...
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    Re: Mind v/s Self in dream

    O.K....? :eek: What?? The self/consciousness was not in the body and in a "dream world?" I always thought the mind created a dream world (like this virtual world). So it's a separate world now? A...
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    Re: A new philosophy?

    Finally! Someone gets my point in this topic! :D Almost.....
    Its not like butter in milk to be exact, its more like energy in light (if light is considered to be progressive wave with alternating...
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    Re: According to you

    Nice question! :D
    I especially loved the usage of the word, 'symptoms' in such a beautiful tone!
    I'm writing this reply only seeing the first post. Hmmm.......

    In my opinion,
    1.) He would be...
  26. Re: Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    :)This particular post is only for you jasdirji, hoping that I'd clear my views, I think that we may be having a communication gap.

    Nice, straight forward question. You know the answer, it's...
  27. Re: Govt to make ‘insulting’ Gandhi a crime

    :Roll: I dunno how to react!

    A part of me says....... Finally a good thing after politicians themselves have insulted Gandhi in many contexts. Recently a politician in Karnataka, named...
  28. Re: Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    This is probably the most accurate post in this thread. This arrow (post) has hit the target of discussion perfectly, but I needed an arrow to pierce through this discussion right into its core, but...
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    Re: Sex of Atma

    Namaste, Though this thread has obtained a conclusion, I'd like to state my opinion about this interesting subject. The soul is compared to a female entity and the devine one is compared to the male...
  30. Re: Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    First of all, before I continue, I'd like to mention that this question has bugged me for quite some while now. Its almost been 1 and half years trying to find the answer. It still keeps buzzing near...
  31. Re: Meat is Tamsik, not conducive to Physical or spiritual growth

    I feel that water is right. I know that my actions mostly don't follow my words, still I come here and post something in hopes to learn more. Who knows? Maybe one day these discussions may help me...
  32. Re: Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    Sir, I can't seem to agree with 'bhakti' to be the constant. I don't know what hinduism has to say, but buddhism says, a person aquires nirbana only when he eliminates full ignorance (or by attaining...
  33. Re: Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    Yajvanji, I may have been incompetent in putting forth my question no. 2....
    In question 2, when I asked which is more important, I meant to ask which is more essential for any soul to gain more...
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    Re: Are we worshiping the same God ?

    Its a 'yes' and a 'no'. Yes, because, we (devotees) are all in love with that same person. No, because, we don't know what god is, many of us have multiple ideas, about god, most of which may be...
  35. Which is the greater power and in terms of importance?

    1.)Love, bhakti, bliss, etc.
    2.)righteousness, path to attain knowledge etc.
    3.)Knowledge = To know the truth.
    4.)Thought = Tool to obtain knowledge.
    5.)The truth, the thinker, pure...
  36. Re: Meat is Tamsik, not conducive to Physical or spiritual growth

    I don't know what you mean, but I want to ask you about aghoris and many ancient meat eater devotees like kannapa. Why are they an exception?
    There is no such thing as Tamasik. God is the only thing...
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    Re: Who is Shiva?

    I cannot answer the question, 'Who is Shiva?' or What he is....
    I myself am asking him and myself the same question from time immemorial.
    It has been 18 years and more, since I was born in this...
  38. Re: Were Shaiva and Vaishnava ever one?


    Probably one of the most silliest and oldest and stupid arguments is, 'Who is greater, Vishnu or Shankara?' This has really annoyed for a long loong time. A possible answer- God is...
  39. The importance of language and words.

    The languages we use, the words that we speak and the sounds that we come across all help us in our quest for knowledge. I took up sanskrith to understand mantras in my high school, but still did not...
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    A new philosophy?

    I've been thinking, I've had these thoughts for months. Could it be that God is me and I'm not god? I know it sounds like a paradox, but it is not. I'm saying that god exists as me and everything,...
  41. Re: Is it paradoxical to say "I dont exist"?

    I don't know which philosophy u used to ask whether it is a paradox. Before, I begin this discussion, I'd like to ask you, are u asking' this question in terms or shunyata vada ? or advaitha ? or...
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    Re: what does it mean?

    upsydowmyupsy mv ss

    This has actually infinite meanings.....

    Our lives is full of ups and downs, good and bad, easy and difficult, love and hatred, anger and patience, knowledge and ignorance,...
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    Re: Please help me with Bhakti?

    Bhakti yoga, all it means is the unification of the devotee with god, through the use of devotion. So, sure, u can worship god in any form. Well, I have heard that the word 'yogah' was used by christ...
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    Re: Does God exist?

    Yur going the right way by questioning god's existence! :)
    I dislike those believers who blindly believe in god, we must believe, but not blindly. Hmm... why don't you try experimenting to see...
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    Re: Maha Shiva Raarti

    Honestly and seriously, I don't even know what this day is all about (other than its a day to love the lord and learn about him, real devotees do that daily), even though, I'm a devotee of Shiva. :(...
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    Re: My experiences with shiva

    Hmmm.... Yup! Go ahead, pick the easy way out. Blame the parent for the burns the child gets by touching the candle. Yup, its the parants' fault indeed. They tell us its fire and that it would burn...
  47. Re: A few questions on Advaita and their answers

    Hey devoteeji....
    I always thought......
    Pragnyana is permanent consciousness of bliss and knowledge.
    Pragnya is consciousness in general.
    The reason is, in my mother-tongue, as we speak, if...
  48. Re: Martial arts as a way to channel aggressive energy?

    Oh my god! You seem to forget Kalaripayat, the martial arts invented, by Parashurama himself! There is this sword I've heard of, If one masters that sword, its could behead 1000 heads or something in...
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    Re: Always tell the Truth

    In one of the other threads, I mentioned, I'm in a bitter confusion between advaitha and dvaitha, before I posted this thread. kd gupta told us that advaitha is tattva and dvaitha is truth. It didn't...
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    Re: Always tell the Truth

    You seem to be saying Truth is not absolute in vedas? Hello, my dear, isn't the ultimate truth know as god, according to dvaitha as well? Besides, the more you are inclined towards the truth, the...
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