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  1. Re: Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please

    "I will myself"

    Somehow I missed this small quote in your post.

    You have chosen the best part of my post! It is challenging for me to answer, partly because I try these things without study or...
  2. Re: Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please


    Thanks very much for your reply.

    I am a practitioner of the Pratyabhijñā School of Kashmir Shaivism. Śāmbhava Upāya is my predominate means. My practices and increasing control of my...
  3. Re: Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please


    I thank you so much for your reply. Perhaps I received as a gift a mystical purse lined with black velvet. There was a gold trinket inside to embellish the gift.

    If I understand,...
  4. Re: Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please


    Hi thank you for the reply. No worries at all, I am always a beginner. I study Vedanta as well as Trika Kashmir Shaivism (Swami Muktananda did also). But yes, Trika Kashmir Shaivism is my...
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    Re: Shiva related poetry/lyric


    I add my heartfelt praises of love for the Shivastotravali by Utpaladeva. Every sentence is saturated with the nectar of longing and bliss.

    I have the Constantina Rhodes Bailly...
  6. Re: Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please


    Hello and thank you very much for your reply.

    I hadn't thought about the state. Thank you for that! I was thinking only about the symbolism. It is a state of absolute stillness. Beyond...
  7. Re: Little Wonderful moments in your life...


    Hi Alise. Thank you for sharing this special moment. So many times I have heard that the Lord will come right to you in a very real way if He is in your heart and you reach out to Him....
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    Re: Need spiritual help


    My first thought is Lord Krishna. I thought of Karma Yoga, which of course offers the path to freedom from attachment—and personalities developed by attachment to merit, fame or glory for...
  9. Hello, help with a wonderful dream, please


    Greetings everyone. I am new (I was here years ago).

    I recently had a wonderful dream that I seem unable to interpret. It is like a treasure, so any reverent help is greatly...
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    Re: What Hindu Culture is all about?


    I am a practitioner of Kashmir Shaivism, and I love the Gita and study it regularly. I also enjoy Jnaneshwar's commentary translated from Marathi (my Guru is from Maharashtra). I...
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    Re: Hi I'm new (returning)

    Namaste, Believer and Devotee, thank you for the warm greetings and the welcome back! ~pranam
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    Hi I'm new (returning)

    Hi I'm returning after a very long time dormant (I was jnanashiva before).

    I received shaktipat from my Shree Guru in 1999. My sadhana includes various practices and disciplines, especially...
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