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  1. Can anyone identify the author of this Shiva painting?

    I can't find any higher resolution versions of this image online. It seems to have a signature at the bottom left but I can't make it out.
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    Re: Shiva astottara shatanamavali (108 names)

    At almost any temple that I've gone to for Shiva Pradosh puja they use always use this list below. Sometimes the ordering gets a little different towards the end but it's the same names. A very...
  3. Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

    Maha mrityunjaya mantra. Read the mythology behind this mantra to see why.
  4. When providing nakshatra to priest for Archana...

    Do I provide my moon nakshatra (pushya)?

    Or do I provide nakshatra aligning with the first sound of my name (pa = swati nakshatra).

    I was given a name starting with 'pa' because of bad...
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    2 questions about meaning of Shiva's picture

    What is the meaning of the Sun behind Shiva's head? (I notice that the moon is in front but the sun is behind)

    Also what is it that is sitting at the top right of the picture of Shiva in the link...
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    Re: Shiva astottara shatanamavali (108 names)

    How do I pray to lord ganesha before? What mantra am I supposed to chant and how many times?
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    Re: Why is Saturn so powerful?

    I think it is because people of this world are so lost in the mirage of greed, anger, dishonesty and lust. It is natural that in a modern era Saturn would be the planet seeming to have the most...
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    Shiva astottara shatanamavali (108 names)

    Namaste and greetings to all.

    I have memorized and begun reciting Shiva's 108 names daily but want to make sure that I am doing it in a proper way. I thought to memorize and begin to learn the...
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    Om namah shivaya

    Hello all,

    I am excited to be able to post as I have many questions. After a long time, I am coming back to spirituality and the religion/tradition that I grew up with. Looking forward to great...
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