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    Re: Ideas to help vision

    Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry have a School for Perfect Eyesight.
    They teach some eye exercises for the improvement of eye sight.
    I have no idea about this particular eye defect. You can contact...
  2. Re: Dreams of visiting temples and seeing dieties inside temple

    In our culture, it is said that dreams that appear early in the morning are omens giving a peek into the future.

    I had a vivid dream once, early in the morning, about an accident while riding my...
  3. Re: If brahma writes our fate, then why does Yamraja punish us?

    Whatever circumstances we face in life are due to our past karma
    Our responses ( out of free will ) to these circumstances, determine our future

    Yama doesn't punish us. He only tallies the karmic...
  4. Re: The dasavataras of Sri Vishnu calmed down by Lord Shiva question

    Perhaps you are referring to the Kachapeswarar Temple in Kancheepuram?
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    Re: Anger and Puja

    Anger results from thwarted desire.

    It is important to keep doing your sadhana or spiritual practice. As it becomes more ingrained, it will result in greater vairagya ( dispassion ) which will...
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