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    Re: Anga-Nyasa & Karanyasa

    Thanks so much.
    So the anga-nyasa for the mantra in chapter III (ong satchitekam brahma) is in this order :
    Om namaha : heart
    Sat svaha : forehead
    Chit vashat : crown lock
    Ekam hung : shoulders...
  2. Re: Hymns and Mantras in the Mahanirvana Tantra

    No answers i need this information please.
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    Anga-Nyasa & Karanyasa

    Hi there.
    I have noticed a certain contradiction between the way to practice anga-nyasa and Karanyasa,first,from the Mahanirvana Tantra and from popular common hindu knowledge.
    Everybody seems to...
  4. Hymns and Mantras in the Mahanirvana Tantra

    Greetings friends.
    I have just started the study of the Mahanirvana Tantra and i found some Hymns and mantras for the performance of some rituals in there, like the Hymn of the supreme soul Brahman...
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