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  1. Re: Shaiva Sampradayas/Traditions - An attempt to List

    1. shaiva siddhanta as we know is completely based in Tamil Nadu than in other states. Excluding Kannappa nayanar of Sri Kalahasti there is no other nayanar of this philosophy as we know in andhra....
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    Re: Being Hindu and Leaving a Specific Guru

    You are still a hindu if you believe in dharma. That said, leaving a guru after years of Sushrusa(service to guru and advice in return is easy to do but it is quite complex from pov of shastras and...
  3. Re: Is there a standard fasting from meat period in Hinduism?

    Traditionally meat is abstainined during sacred thithis(days) - ekadadasi,pournami(full moon day) and amavasya(new moon day) and on monthly special tdays like masa Shivaratri, Sankara hara Chaturthi...
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    Re: Is devotion to Surya possible?

    yes. Saura is one of shanmathas. Upasana of Surya is very ancient . Sandhyavandana is worship of surya. The tradition is see our ishta or gayatri pratipadya deva in surya mandala and then worship...
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    Re: Am I Buddhist or Hindu? Does it matter?

    :Does it make sense to continue to pursue zazen meditation/Buddha-Dharma while becoming more involved with the traditions and ceremonies of Hinduism?:

    Yes. You can even believe in hellenism and...
  6. Thread: Lalitha

    by anveshana

    Re: Lalitha

    Yes. You can using stotras like Lalitha Pancharatna,Lalita Ashottara ,trisati and sahasra nmavali(not sotras which require initiation into srividya). This is according to purva bhagas of all these...
  7. Re: I now undoubtedly accept that Earth is flat (According to Vedas)

    If Shruti contradicts pratyaksha(direct experience) then shruti has no value according to Sri Madhva and Shankaracharya. Many advaitins interpret the statement metaphysically. So unscientific...
  8. Re: What is the best way to reach god(attain moksha)?

    You should follow his advice to do karma without expecting anything. Leave the fruits of karma to his grace. He will reward you according to your vasanas,karma,kaal tc.
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    Re: where to begin?

    There are many types of worshipping Ganesha. There are laghu pooja(short poojas), shodasa upachara pooja(worhsipping using 16 services) etc. IMethodologies are easily available in the net. Choose one...
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    Re: I believe in Lakshmi, just quietly

    you should let go off all thoughts which are making you uncomfortable(like the thought which is leading to exprience of standing on the edge of dark wood.....). IF you feel that you are emotionally...
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    Re: Relentless attacks on Hinduism

    Ambdker's buddhism has nothing to do with teachings of great shakya muni Buddha or Neo buddhist schools like ZEN. Ambedkar reduced great shunya vada to a rabid political insanity like abrahamic...
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    Dharma Sandeha

    Respected members and experts in Dharma shastra, I am a Niyogi brahmin from Andhra. I am 22 and still not a dvija. Recently, I heard from a person on social media that upanayana is of no use for me...
  13. Re: Bhagavad Gita in simple English from Advaita point of view?
    This website by IIT Kanpur has commentaries of different acharyas,translations of commentaries and...
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