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Thread: Vegan here. Dairy products in puja?

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    Vegan here. Dairy products in puja?


    I've recently adopted a vegan diet. I was lactose-vegetarian for about a year and a half, but doubt the treatments of cows in dairy farms are dharmic (referring to ahisma). Anyways, I kinda have a little problem with the usage of ghee and milk used in puja. Would I be able to use Daiya (vegan cheese) when I make ghee? And use soy milk for milk baths? If I had a farm where I milked my own cows, I would definitely drink and eat dairy products and use them in puja, but I don't unfortunately. Do you think the devas wouldn't be as pleased if I traded dairy products with these replacements? That's my main concern...

    Dhyanavadah!! (:
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    Jai Maa Durga

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    Re: Vegan here. Dairy products in puja?


    I think you should follow your guru and if you don't have one then follow your conscience.
    I think your ishta devata will accept what you offer with love and devotion. Ghandi did not
    like taking milk because of the way cows were treated in India but dairy is still a big
    part of Indian culture. Personally, I don't support the dairy industry here in the U.S.
    but I have no criticism for Hindus that do.

    Hari Aum
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    Re: Vegan here. Dairy products in puja?

    Vannakkam cmorel: Yes, many of us have faced this dilemma, and its a good question. Most Hindu temples I know here in America don't make a great attempt to follow ethical guidelines, unfortunately. The best alternative is to buy organic milk, but that only increases your chances.

    OTOH, milk is a sacred substance, and does bring out more shakti. So things have gone downhill with increased milk production. The ideal was and still is to have temple owned cows, treated properly. I saw happy cows in India at the famous Pillaiyarparti temple in Tamil Nadu. Maths and aadheenams traditionally keep cows as well.

    Personally, I wouldn't use soy, and would rather use nothing. Still, when we do sponsor an abhishekham at temple, we take one litre of organic milk.

    Aum Namasivaya

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    Re: Vegan here. Dairy products in puja?


    Daiya does contain a blend of palm, coconut, and safflower oils, but also has other substances in there to make it solid and would probably be a mess if cooked down. As a ghee substitute, pure coconut or sesame oil might be better, and perhaps almond or rice milk would be a nicer substitute than soy.

    Still, it seems to me that the quality of your heart, rather than the quality of the substances, is greatest. And surely an excellent offering is an action taken out of concern and love for cows.

    Best wishes with your new diet, and be absolutely certain to take a vitamin B12 supplement (unless you eat spirulina or other blue-green algae foods daily).

    Oṁ Indrāya Namaḥ.
    Oṁ Namaḥ Śivāya.

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