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Thread: Texas racist claims "Vedic" beliefs

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    Re: Texas racist claims "Vedic" beliefs

    Quote Originally Posted by ShivaIsLord View Post
    Someone should remind this man that Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were both black.
    I wonder how Lord Krishna stole the hearts of everyone just being dark skinned.. I can only imagine to some extent when I saw black idol of Lord Krishna in one of the ISKCON temples.

    Coming back to the topic.. aren't you guys tired of reading these articles.. now I don't feel anything anymore
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    ॐ महेश्वराय नमः

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    Re: Texas racist claims "Vedic" beliefs

    How low an IQ must this guy have to claim something like that given the society he lives in? But I guess you can't expect any attachment to a sense of reality with people who overnight claim to be of a culture/association with an ethnicity out of their own ego. He's just going his way out asking for trouble.

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