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Thread: Brahman - close to you

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    Brahman - close to you

    Hari Om

    this is a continuing conversation and extention to this post:

    If one is of the opinion that Brahman is this ALL, this Fullness (Bhuma) , then it is natural to suggest the following:
    The One that forms and presents Itself as the many is present in the many... then an individual (sadhu) can realize Brahman by realizing the whole Truth that resides in any part/limb (pratika) of the One, some say any one of the Many.

    It would then seem reasonable to look at the closest location for this Fullness. This would be ourSELVES. To start here within our own being to find this Bhuma ( really just to realize and unfold it). This is why the logic of sadhana is to work on ourselves, the closest and most natural place, this may be called manomaya purusah, this Being within the mind.

    Now this mind is not the jumble of thoughts and feelings, yet this mind can be an instrument ... a calm, transparent, relfecting apparatus, receiving truths and higher ideals. Yet as we speak there are zillions of thoughts we entertain. Some jibberish,some meaningful, purposeful, yet continual.

    This mind, it seems ,has two levels of ability ...param and suddham (higher and pure) vs. a-param and a-suddham ( lower and impure).
    It is the purpose of ones sadhana to move the mind to the higher levels and attune it to the manomayah purusha. By doing this we are culturing the mind appraratus to be able to perceive the finer-then-the-finest. Some say this is the intuition mechanism.

    And what do we (I) wish to become familur with ? To KNOW Tajjalan. To know Taj or Brahman as That (Tad) + ja from which all is born (like janma) + la in which all is aborbed (from laya and its root li) + an or from which all breathes (an to breathe , also anna of food stuffs, also that which is close to you). All is born, breathes and is desolved in THAT - Brahman.
    sarvam khalvidam brahma;
    tajjalan iti santa upasita

    For the conversation to continue, the next consideration then is prana sarirah , and this can be taken up on a new post if there is interest.
    Recall from the Brahman post mentioned in line 2 of this post, the muni's have called out Brahman as atman, akasha and prana. This post helps round out the conversation and make it more meaningful ( I hope).
    The next post prana sarirah lit. means one's whose body is life, prana, helps us understand the finer relationship of Brahman to atman+akasha+prana.

    pra-na-ms ( bowing to the life, prana, in us all,yes?)
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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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