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(1) Shraddha – transcendental faith
Forgive my ignorance, but I am still at a loss on how śraddha becomes the word/definition you offer as transcendental faith.

śraddha is defined as having faith , believing in , trusting , faithful , having confidence. We too can spell it in the neuter gender as śraddhā. Yet I cannot get to viśvottīrṇa - transcendental, as you are offering in śraddha . Can you walk me through the steps ?

iti śivaṁ
  • viśvottīrṇa = viśva +uttīrṇa
    • viśva = all-pervading or all-containing , omnipresent applied to viṣṇu or kṛṣṇa
    • uttīrṇa = crossed , traversed, rescued , liberated
    • Hence He (viṣṇu or kṛṣṇa ) that is beyond; transcendental