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Thread: Toddler Dropping

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    Toddler Dropping

    Namaste all,

    I just heard about a ritual in Southern India that involves dropping toddlers off of the roof of a temple to bring luck to the child. Is this part of the culture or related to Hinduism in any way?


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    Re: Toddler Dropping

    Vannakkam Leela: I have never heard of this, but apparently my wife has. What is your source? Sounds kind of like a rare thing.

    Not something I would like to be part of, although there were days I may have felt like tossing my teenagers off of something. I almost fell off the wall that they drove me up.

    Aum Namasivaya
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    Re: Toddler Dropping

    Namaste EM Ji,

    It is practiced by shia muslims in a dargah , and hindus participate in it too.

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    Re: Toddler Dropping

    Namaste EM,

    LOL, I'm sure every parent with a teenager has felt that way at some point or other. I enjoy your sense of humor.
    As for the source, I was searching youtube and somehow found videos on it there. I thought it strange and it invoked my curiosity. These parents must have an enormous amount of faith to let their babies be dropped from such heights.

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