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Thread: Secret societies in Hindu.

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    Secret societies in Hindu.

    do Hindu have secret society like freemason,illuminati,knight templar or skull & bones?

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    Re: Secret societies in Hindu.

    Yes. Hindu have many secret societies.

    These meetings are held every month in the Parliament House in New Delhi at 6 PM after all the MPs (Members of Parliament) have retired for the day.

    Everyone must come dressed in a mask and a mask only. The rest of the body should be fully uncovered. Remember the movie "Eyes wide shut"? Something similar.

    The activities include bowing down at the feet of various idols of our Gods and Goddesses, engaging in wine and women freely, etc.

    As you would imagine, entry to these societies is "by invitation only". The person invited in should have a net worth of at least several million rupees.

    You would be surprised who all are part of such societies - Bollywood/Hollywood stars, current and past powerful politicians around the world, just to give an idea.

    So, what is YOUR net worth, purple matrix? Drop me a PM.

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    Re: Secret societies in Hindu.

    Interesting question

    just the other day i was pondering over the same. The answer seems quite out there. Hindus do have secret societies and yet they dont have akin to western paradigm of their construct.

    see western secret societies usually are material in nature as they would be hiding some object of great importance or treasure, basically tangible in nature hence all the shroud of uber secrecy and walls within walls, to save from prying eyes of the world lest great secret is out in open, as popular novels would have you believe. Plus, influence of Abrahamic religions have scarred and and restricted people of understanding the super natural and thus any little progress by individuals is guarded so zealously.

    Hindu secret societies are much simpler. what we hide is esoteric, spiritual passed on from master to chosen disciple, hence can not be stolen or revealed as history altering object. So they are in open as you see so many ashrams and yet they are as secretive as knowledge is passed only to the deserving one and its spiritual in nature.

    Having said that its rumored that King Ashok had secret society of nine men who had each a book and knowledge of extreme advanced subjects like anti gravity levitation to mechanics.

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    Re: Secret societies in Hindu.

    Oh honestly, if a society is secret do you expect to find out about it on some random internet forum? That wouldn't be a very good secret society.

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    Re: Secret societies in Hindu.

    Vannakkam: Within esoteric Hinduism, in mystical priesthood, within renunciate orders, there are secrets that certainly aren't shared with the general community. Many are to do with things like kundalini rising, stuff that might blow an average man's mind. This stuff is kept secret just for the psychic safety of others. But it's no secret society like suggested here.

    Even things like mantra diksha are kept secret until it happens.

    Aum Namasivaya

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