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Thread: The Rock Band "Tool," and How They Enhanced My Appreciation for Carnatic Music

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    Cool The Rock Band "Tool," and How They Enhanced My Appreciation for Carnatic Music

    Namaste all,

    As you can probably imagine, seeing my gravitation towards Hinduism, I happen to have an appreciation for Indian culture, but one area in particular that I find myself appreciating more recently is India's music, particularly Carnatic music and dance. However, as for that area of Indian culture, there was one modern influence that helped me appreciate this area even more - the music of the modern rock band called Tool.

    You're probably wondering what a modern rock band with a name like Tool has to do with Carnatic music and one's appreciation for it. To keep this as short and simple as possible, I will link to a couple of their songs, so you can listen and hopefully grasp what I'm talking about:

    "Disposition" -

    "10,000 Days" -

    In both of those songs, if you listen closely, you can find hints of Indian instrumentation, more specifically that of tabla.

    Now I'm not saying that the music of Tool necessarily has any resemblance to that of Carnatic music, nor am I saying that I got into Carnatic music as a direct result of Tool. What I am saying is that Tool's music made me appreciate Carnatic music more fully, as I grasp now how relevant the Carnatic music tradition is to the modern world.

    I'd like to know what you all think of this observation. Just remember that I'm not trying to paint a modern rock band as "mystical" - rather, I'm pointing this out to say that Indian music has made some positive impressions in the West beyond that of commercialization. At least in my opinion.



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    Re: The Rock Band "Tool," and How They Enhanced My Appreciation for Carnatic Music

    Today, I was listening to this song called "Disposition" by tool, and thought i heard Table in the song. Well, I searched google for "Tool and Indian Music" and found your post on the first page. Wow, 2 years since the Post has been made! Long time!

    There is another song called Reflection by tool, which is also filled with carnatic tunes/solos. I really like this Band, and hope they come up with a new album soon.

    Anyways, carnatic music is a great thing. I hope more fusion of music happens, and that carnatic music is taken to the west more.

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    Re: The Rock Band "Tool," and How They Enhanced My Appreciation for Carnatic Music

    I really would consider Tool a "hindu " Band although no one of the members seems to follow the faith. They sing about hindu themes like enlightment, destruction of the mind, that the material world is maya. ..
    And this is the reason why it's my favourite band
    "... And you will Come to find that we are all one mind, capable of all that ' s imagined , all unconceivable. Just let the light touch you, let the words spill through, let them pass right through, bringing out our hope and reason.

    We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion

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