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Thread: Jyotish Diwali Predictions

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    Jyotish Diwali Predictions

    Shubh Deepavali

    Happy Deepavali to all and to the world, Mother Sita and Lord Ram along with Lakshman returned after 14 years exile and the Capitol of Ayodhya was lit up with diyas and crackers and light everywhere by the citizens. This certainly is a vision to meditate on! Ayodhya was constructed by Manu the son of Surya, and Manu was the first of Kings in Dasarath's line.

    This Deepavali I think of Manu who built the Capitol of Ram.

    Laxmi Devi is seen standing on a lotus flower. Nearby I do a walk in a park and there is a little man-made lake with lotus. Not exactly the Ayodhya built by Manu, but nice. The lotus is actually huge there, gigantic in size, and the buds open and close, they open to the light of the sun. They sometimes seem to bend a little, they dazzle with color of white and pink, beauty - when finished with the walk, it is nice to see these lotus stems and flowers and how can I not think of Mother Lakshmi. I do not know if, as the flower gives these gifts for free so it is we celebrate Lakshmi but I certainly think it is nice to seek Her blessings on Deepavali.

    I heard that on November 13 the first day of Deepavali, the planets and stars forecast wealth. I read on a website that on Diwali the Sun and the Moon are conjunct and placed in Libra sign and Swati Nakshatra, that this bestows commiseration, compassion, sympathy, friendliness, that peace becomes the main objective for individuals and to attain this individual may even leave his share of things for attaining a compromising and friendly solution.

    Perhaps jyotish experts can confirm this!

    I certainly hope so, my gut is demons are in big trouble this Deepavali! It seems Diwali 2012 Jyotish is a prediction of friendship and friendly solutions between all!

    Om Namah Sivaya
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    There's also supposed to be a solar eclipse on that day.

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    Re: Jyotish Diwali Predictions

    Namaste Shanti29

    I didn't know, thanks for sharing!

    Dear Jyotish Masters,

    There is going to be a solar eclipse over Australia, some islands on Diwali 2012 on the first day. How does this impact the Jyotish 2012 prediction of peace and friendly solutions as noted below?

    Om Namah Sivaya

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