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Thread: Hari Hara Putra in Vedic literature?

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    Hari Hara Putra in Vedic literature?


    Can any one tell me the reference of Hari Hara Putra (Ayyappa) in Veda or Purana or Upanishads?

    Charanam Ayyapaa

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    Re: Hari Hara Putra in Vedic literature?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post

    Can any one tell me the reference of Hari Hara Putra (Ayyappa) in Veda or Purana or Upanishads?

    Charanam Ayyapaa

    I didn't notice this thread before and maybe the question is now irrelevent, but I can tell you all I remember about it or my 'adaptation' of it but it was a very long time ago....

    A Yogi sat in meditation on Lord Shiva. he claimed to be a great Shiva Bhakt (forget his name now), but all he really wanted, was to obtain certain Siddhis and exert his influence on people...over everything, in fact.

    Thus, under the guise of 'Bhakti' he did much penance and sacrifice, chanting the Holy Name of Lord Shiva...year in and out...eventually, Lord Shiva took pity on the Yogi, gave him Darshan and granted him one wish.

    The Yogi thought for a while, and said "I want to have to power to incinerate people just by placing my hand on top of their head and I want nobody else to be able to stop me from doing it either!".

    So, Lord Shiva granted the boon and left. Then the Yogi went to work, incinerating everything and everybody in his path with maniacal joy, killing priests, innocent people...even working his way up through the celestial ranks to try and kill Lord Shiva himself and do all sorts of bad things after that.

    He chased Lord Shiva around everywhere, until in the end, Shiva became so annoyed and frustrated with 'the monster he had created' that he went to Vaikuntha and approached Lord Vishnu with the dilemma and see if he could help. Lord Vishnu listened attentively, then formulated a plan.

    Lord Vishnu decended to earth as a very beautiful woman. A dancer. Even Lord Shiva had never seen anything so beautiful he was captivated.

    Lord Vishnu in female form, finally seduced the Yogi into performing a little 'dance' and at the end of the dance, the dancer was to place their hand on top of their head. Well, the Yogi, so overcome by lust became hypnotised by the dance, that in his entranced state, he accidently put his own hand above his own head and blew himself up.

    Lord Shiva had a brief affair with Lord Vishnu in female form for helping him with that and from it, Hari Hara Putra was born.

    I hope this helped you.

    Aum Namah Shivaya.

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