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Thread: What are some good sources on Shaktism?

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    What are some good sources on Shaktism?

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I thought since it's a little more specific, it might a good idea to post it here. As some of you know, I am quite fond of the goddess Kali. I'll say that I feel a great connection towards the goddesses in general. I definitely want to look further into Shaktism, but I am not quite sure where to look.

    So far I have read:
    Kali: The Feminine Force by Ajit Mookerjee
    Hindu Godesses by David Kinsley

    I am currently reading:
    Yogic Secrets of The Dark Goddess by Shambhavi L. Chopra
    Shakti Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

    What are some books/sources that you would recommend for a beginner in Shaktism?

    Om Krim Kalikaye Nama Om

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    Re: What are some good sources on Shaktism?

    Namaskara Devibhakta.

    The svamiji at is a western Hindu who became a devi upasaka after finding his guru, Shree maa.

    He is known to answer questions thru' email as well. He should be able to guide you, if you are looking for a direction in sadhana/ scriptural references.

    If you've not visited any temple/s of the divine Mother, there are a couple, which are pretty well known, but they're located in the USA.

    Please check/ visit, if possible, at Laguna beach,CA. The mandir was founded by Elizabeth 'Usha' Harding who has penned down her experiences with the Dakshineshvar Kalika mata in her book - Kali: the black Goddess of Dakshineshwar.

    Surely, there must be one/more devi temple/s near your place?

    If you're looking for a very elaborate Shrividya based form of worship, the best bet in north america would be the Shri RajaRajeshvari temple at Rush,NY. Here's the link:

    It is said that the worship of Mother Kalika best proceed thru' a guru lineage. These temples do have some sort of a guru parampara.

    Jai maa Kalika devi.
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    Re: What are some good sources on Shaktism?

    Namaste Little Bear,

    Of course, it never is disappointing for me to hear of yet another who is feeling drawn to Devi

    Though I would not consider it proper for myself to either endorse or condemn
    any particular Shakta sadhana/guru/mandir, I would heartily encourage you to
    carefully and honestly consider both your motivations, and those of whatever
    source of information you discover in your quest for knowledge... the number
    of branches, even confining oneself to Shakta thought and practice, is not small;
    clouds, glaciers, and oceans all consist almost entirely of water, but to know one is not to know all, yes?

    That having been said, in addition to ShriBala's links, here are some other sites in (mostly) English that you may find useful:

    Devi Upanishad

    There is also a good amount of information and other links within this very Shakta forum here on HDF!
    By all means take some time, and read through the older posts.

    I wish Maa's blessing upon your path to draw closer to Her,

    || जय माता की ||

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    Re: What are some good sources on Shaktism?

    Thank you both very much. I will take a look at these now that my hands are no longer full from school.

    There are some Shakti temples in my province, but they're 5-7 hours away.
    Om Krim Kalikaye Nama Om

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