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    May peace be upon all of you..!

    Islam is my religion..!

    Knowing about world's religions is taking a lot of my interest these days.,! Hopefully, I will get to know in depth about Hinduism here..!

    May God guide us all to the right path..!

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    Re: Intro

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon View Post

    May God guide us all to the right path..!

    welcome to forums

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    Re: Intro

    Namaste Falcon

    I like the name you have decided upon as your handle, i.e. "Falcon". Myself, I am a big fan of birds, the falcon is a magnificent raptor. Did you know that as many as 150,000 or more Amur Falcons are killed every year (sometimes as many as 15,000 such falcons in a single day!) while they migrate over Nagaland on their journey from Siberia to Africa?

    Yes, it is true. And the sad story to this is, these beautiful falcons are killed by Nagalanders to eat them! I am not kidding. They are hunted and eaten as "chicken" by humans. It is a sad state of affairs.

    And to make matters worse, this is an endangered species of falcon, they are now protected by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, and the Global Convention of Migratory Species (multi-national). Yet they are still killed and eaten.

    We know the eagle is the example of strength and generosity, and famed to eat snakes. This is true, as we see in Garuda in Hinduism. But did you know the falcon is the example of light in darkness? Perhaps you do, this has been a tradition in world.

    Do you know why? Because as some yogi's say, "there are some Royal falcons who never close their eye". So you see? The Royal falcon always looks out and thus is a light to the world. Sometimes, when I think of the falcon in flight, I think of the soul.

    I hope you learn a lot about Hinduism. Please take time to understand. Hinduism is a great adventure. I hope you take a journey into this great adventure for your soul.

    Om Namah Sivaya
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