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Thread: Ramanujan revisited

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    Ramanujan revisited


    I could think of no better sub-forum than this, to share my pleasure
    in discovering Srinivas Ramanujan's last intuition concerning the expansion
    of mock theta functions was finally proved correct.

    If "the expansion of mock theta functions" does not hold much meaning for
    you, do not feel foolish, unless you are a mathematician

    According to what I have read, it was only 10 years ago that even
    mathematicians were able to know what branch of maths Ramanujan's
    last equations belonged in- and now this work helps physicists to compute
    the entropy of black holes!

    Perhaps the reader is thinking, "All very well for the 'Science' aspect of
    the sub-forum, but what has this to do with 'Religion' ?"

    For those who do not know, Ramanujan was not only the most brilliant
    mathematician of the past century, but a unwavering devotee of Sri
    Namagiri Amman- he would tell that it was She who whispered the
    equations to him, that all he achieved was through Her blessing..

    This is to me yet another reminder that "Truth conquers all"- that to
    consider science and religion as always enemies or opposites, is to err.

    Jai Sri Namagiri Amman!
    || जय माता की ||

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    Re: Ramanujan revisited

    Mathematics is truly God's language. Mathematicians are very dear to Him.

    Proofs from THE BOOK is a book that outlines the most elegant proofs of various mathematical problems. The thinking goes that if God were to prove these results, He would do them as elegantly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yajurveda
    As are the crests on the heads of peacocks, as are the gems on the hoods of cobras, so is mathematics at the top of all sciences.

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