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Thread: Should i take my Tulsi neckbeads off?

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    Should i take my Tulsi neckbeads off?


    last summer,,, i went to birmingham ratha yatra,, it was very wonderful and beautiful for me,,, I met Maha Vishnu swami,, he was very beautiful and i was blessed to meet him and he gave me my Tulsi mala, a Bhagavad Gita cd, and some Tulsi neckbeads.
    I was wondering if i should take the neckbeads off?
    this is because i dont believe in hinduism anymore or chant the maha mantra
    it is ok though i am not digging in material nature as most humans do as i am meditating through most of the day,, i still chant also but not the mantra of Radha Krishna.
    I still would like to wear the neckbeads though.

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    Re: Should i take my Tulsi neckbeads off?


    Tulsi is dear to Lord Vishnu. I think to wear them as a decorative item or fashion statement while not believing in what they are is irreverent at best. Why would you want to wear something that has a spiritual value you don't hold with?

    The only time I took mine off was for having x-ray and MRI images and surgery, and even then it was under protest. I asked for the Lord's forgiveness, because I've vowed to never take them off, knowing what they are.
    śivasya hridayam viṣṇur viṣṇoscha hridayam śivaḥ

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    Re: Should i take my Tulsi neckbeads off?

    It's really up to you. I will say that it may be offensive to some people, especially if you do not believe in Krishna/Vishnu/Rama, and have no inclination towards Vaishnavism or Hinduism.

    The argument is where Tulasi-devi (or Vrinda-devi)'s mercy stops. To one Vaishnava Hindu, she may say that a person should wear them because they may receive blessings from God. Another may say that if one wears them and does not believe, they would be committing offenses because they do not believe, both to people and to God's Self.

    Wearing it and not believing is like wearing a star of David around one's neck and not professing Judaism, or wearing rudraksha-mala and not believing in Lord Shiva.

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    Re: Should i take my Tulsi neckbeads off?

    Namaste Catlover

    If you truly, truly do not believe or if you have disrespect, then it probably is good advice not to wear the Tulsi or Rudraksha.

    But I don't beleve you.

    I think you came about these Tulsi beads in a special way, you might have been chosen by the Lord Krishna Who saw something in you, when there was that moment when you saw something in Him even if it were just a moment. If so, you will not be able to escape from Love. If this is so, that you did not know inside that there is still this attraction, you would have not asked the question.

    You love Krishna, isn't it?

    Let us try something. Wear the Tulsi one more day.

    You can look at Krishna, and some say Tulsi Herself may give you something. And if you come back, well you never left your journey you have started. Once you go into the garden, and smell the roses... well some say they left for some reason. But they always come back, they do.

    Om Namah Sivaya

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