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Thread: Owaisi threatens Hindus in India

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    Owaisi threatens Hindus in India
    Hyderabad MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi seems to have started his old business of instigating riots. In a recent speech he has dared government and threatened Hindus while calling Muslims to take reigns of the country. BJP Andhra Pradesh unit has demanded state government to initiate criminal action against Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi for provocative speeches and hurting sentiments of Hindus.
    Owaisi’s speech is getting circulated widely over social networking sites. According to one of the speeches being shared on Facebook Owaisi is saying - Agar sarkar police ko hata de to vo 25 crore muslim baki 100 crore Hinduon ko 15 minute main maar dale. (If government withdraw police then 25 crore Muslims will kill 100 crore Hindus in 15 minutes.)

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    Re: Owaisi threatens Hindus in India

    His party was banned in 1948 by sardar patel:
    As the Indian government received information that Hyderabad was arming itself and was preparing to ally with Pakistan in any future war against India, Sardar Patel described the idea of an independent Hyderabad as an ulcer in the heart of India - which had to removed surgically. In response, Hyderabad's prime minister Laik Ali stated "India thinks that if Pakistan attacks her, Hyderabad will stab her in the back. I am not so sure we would not." Sardar Patel responded later by stating "If you threaten us with violence, swords will be met with swords".[8]
    In Hyderabad, militia leader Qasim Razvi told a crowd of Razakars, "Death with the sword in hand, is always preferable to execution by a mere stroke of the pen". Razvi was later described by Indian government officials as "The Nizam’s Frankenstein Monster". In response to reports that India was planning to invade Hyderabad Razwi stated, "If India attacks us I can and will create a turmoil throughout India. We will perish but India will perish also." Time magazine pointed out that if India invaded Hyderabad, the Razakars would massacre Hindus, which would lead to retaliatory massacres of Muslims across India.[9]
    Razakars were defeated in 5 days:

    On 16 September, faced with imminent defeat, the Nizam summoned the Prime Minister Mir Laik Ali and requested his resignation by the morning of the following day. The resignation was delivered along with the resignations of the entire cabinet.
    On the noon of 17 September, a messenger brought a personal note from the Nizam to India's Agent General to Hyderabad, K.M. Munshi summoning him to the Nizam's office at 1600 hours. At the meeting, the Nizam stated "The vultures have resigned. I don't know what to do". Munshi advised the Nizam to secure the safety of the citizens of Hyderabad by issuing appropriate orders to the Commander of the Hyderabad State Army, Major General El Edroos. This was immediately done.

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    Re: Owaisi threatens Hindus in India

    Will this impotetnt government take stern action against this rabid dog owaisi, time will come when Modi is PM.
    Evidence against Modi 2002 has not been proven, as such he can become PM, unless evidence to the contrary

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