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Thread: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

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    Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?


    As an additional FYI, the NarsiMha praNAm is short and sweet way to develop a relationship with the NarsiMha form of BhagvAn NArAyaN (KRshNa), and you cannot be afraid in His company.
    NarsiMha praNAm
    NarsiMha jayanti, pictures

    Ultimately it is surrender and devotion to the Lord, that has no room for fear or irrational thoughts. It means total dependance on Him with no independant adventures of one's own.
    Of course faith (shraddhA) is a much needed pre-requisite.

    A story:
    An otherwise materialistic person full of hatred once gave a "shAp" (curse) to another that they will be reborn as an insect, and kept repeating that venomously. How did this poor one overcome the associated fear? The only way was to fully and completely give oneself to Shri BhagavAn, the Supreme Friend, Supreme WellWisher. No desires (regarding oneself) remain after this.

    Fear is also a symptom of desire and expectation.
    I expect A, hence I fear the possibility of not A.
    I expect not A hence the fear of A.


    Hare KRshNa
    || Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

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    Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arjunesh View Post
    Pls can you tell me how to worship Sudarshan Chakra and is it also good to get rid of hate, rage and anger?
    Sudharshana chakra deity worship can get of one's internal and external enemies and fear from all kinds - enemies, irrational fears and so forth.

    One popular form of worship is to recite stotras towards the deity governing Sudharshan chakra - an example is

    There is a temple dedicated to Sri Chakrapani (the deity governing Sudharshan chakra) in Kumbakonam, TN. If you get a chance, you might visit there - they might have provision to offer archanas in your name and send you the prasad like kumkum which you can keep in your place.

    Another most popular form of Sudharshan worship is to hold yagyas (or homas) popularly known as 'Sudharshana homa' through temple priests, done in one's home. There are lots of sites that describe about Sudharshana homa (an example

    There are also 'Sudharshana Kavacham' ( ) and 'Sudharshana maha mantra' ( ).

    If there is any local temple next to your place which has Sudharshana Chakra installed, the temple priest must be able to tell you how to hold a Sudharshana puja - which day, time, and how to worship Sudharshana, etc.

    I am unable to identify sources that could be of help for a foreigner to hold a simple Sudharshana puja, that is why the temple suggestion.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

    Namaste Viraja!

    Thank you very much for these informations. I am not able to visit the temples, because I am from austria. But I will recite the 8 verses as good as I can.

    All the best

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    Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

    I dont think any chant other than OM is able to deal with irrational fear. Om gives you power beyond what words could explain and portray


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    Re: Which meditation or mantra to deal with Irrational fear?

    Maha mrityunjaya mantra. Read the mythology behind this mantra to see why.

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