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    Haribol dear brothers

    I am writing to you because I am seeking for your advice about how to choose garuda purana, padma purana, skanda purana,mahabharata scriptures which would not summary story but full english with sanskrit translation.Because as I understand summary story is not full scripture.Correct me if I am wrong.Is for example this scripture is ok?
    I mean is it bona fide or not?
    Thank you waiting for your advice

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    Re: Bona fide scriptures

    first: I wouldn't recommend the Garuda Purana at all. It's focus is on rituals, the miseries in hell, the signs of sins etc.
    second: bona fide is a rather vague term. bona fide by what standards? I don't think you'll find a GBC or Bhaktivedanta Swami statement saying this Purana or this edition is OK to read.
    but on the other hand the main problem with non bona fide scriptures is not the scripture or the translation but the comment. if this book has the original text and the translation only and you want to know about samskaras, it should be OK. when in doubt you still can check the sanskrit.

    Padma Purana is hard to get. i'm trying for years without success so far.

    i would recommend the Vishnu Purana. the H.H. Wilson translation is good and easy to get. and the Purana is more story based.

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