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Thread: Snakes in my dreams!!

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    Snakes in my dreams!!

    Hi guys,

    I just want to interpret my dreams i am seeing. This is the second time in a span of 10 days i am seeing snakes in my dream. Today i saw another dream about snake.
    I will explain both the dream. Please help me understand the meaning of both.
    By reading blogs about snake dreams i got to know for sure, that this is the transformation period of my life.

    Dream #1 - Me and my friend(someone close friend) were on a bike ride to a new place for expedition. On our way destination(some exotic place) during the twilight , it was about to became dark and we thought of stopping some where for the night and continue our journey next day. So we found a group of people staying in the jungle. They were also out for an exploration or they were the local people of that area, but they were staying on tents. We asked them a shelter for a night to stay with them and they were so lenient and gave the permission to stay with them. After a while me & my friend thought of helping them. So we thought, we will help them in cooking their dinner. So we thought that we will cut the trees and make some arrangements for tree wood to prepare food.
    The scene was it was twilight and about 6-7 pm evening and a dark night was about to arrive. Stars were shining in the sky. I was able to see the dusking of the sun and rising of the moon in the sky. It was like the yellowish-reddish color all over around us. And as we were in the jungle it was lush green as if we were in some part of newzealand jungles(lush greenery).I was actually enjoying the scenery.

    Now after cutting some trees we were on the way back to tents, with small logs in our hands. And i was talking to my friend to look all around us and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. I was actually enjoying the scenery in my dream. Suddenly there comes two snakes in front of us. Don't know from where. but i think one was from left and one from right. They were just one step closer to our way. I told my friend to stop. One was a a COBRA with bright yellow spots on its face.
    Both were infront of us and i was about to put my leg in cobra's tail because they suddenly came in front of us. But just before that it looked back and saw both of us. And the python didn't even looked back and was slithering smoothly. I put my leg back and moved one step back. And then they both continued slithering ahead. After that the dream disappeared. Then i saw some other dream i couldn't recollect it.

    Dream #2 - The dream i saw today. I am with my mom and elder brother. Usually i am very scared of snakes and so is my mom. We were going some where in the market. Suddenly, we saw a small serpent and a mongoose fighting on the road. After seeing the glimpse of the fighting we continued to walk to our destiny. I don't know where we were exactly going. There was also mob watching the fight on the street. And my elder brother who is a little bit is an extrovert went to see the fight and took the small serpent and a mongoose and threw them in the a deep fissure. And every one was watching this. After some time he tried to put his hand inside the fissure to take something out and got a dead half cut snake in his hand and was holding and showing it to everyone. And just after seeing this i was awaked.

    These dreams are also coming because just before the night i saw the second dream i talked something related to snake with my mom.

    About a fortnight i watched the video on youtube which was about a fight of a snake and mongoose. Also a video about a animal called honey-badger who can eat snake if it is hungry . I had also something in my mind related to a novel which i started reading about two months ago(The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi). And watched a movie in which an actor mimics a snake with his hand and tongue.

    I think all these videos and texts were some where lying in my subconscious mind and a new story was cooked out of them. But still if you can clarify the meanings of those dreams in my life, i can take preventive measure or take important decisions that will affect my life.

    Thanks in advance friends!!
    Karan Ratra

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    Re: Snakes in my dreams!!



    It's the Chinese Year Of The Snake and that symbology is everywhere. I think your subconscious mind is tapping into it (especially occuring over the past 10 days).

    I don't think it's anything 'spiritual' per se, because the rest of your dream is more important symbolically than just seeing the snakes.

    It may have some significance...then again, it may not, so stop even wondering/worrying if it does and those dreams will cease.

    Aum Namah Shivaya

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    Re: Snakes in my dreams!!

    Recurrent dreams of the same theme are very interesting. I am not, however, able to say from the above mentioned dreams if they are recurrent. Also the theme in both the dreams of snake sighting is different. When you get few more dreams, say 2 or 3 more again to do something with snakes, then it can be concluded that something karmic is going on with snakes - or with Mariamma who snakes are said to symbolize!

    I am also searching answer for my recurrent dreams with my college friends not even whose whereabouts I know now. The dreams are very frequent, and I have been dreaming about them atleast for the past several years. It is very annoying, because none of these are pleasant dreams, in one they all abandon me while they have fun at some theme park, at another they refuse to talk to me, it goes on and on like this. What is funny is that, while I won a Gold Medal at my M.Sc degree, one of my friends cleverly manipulated the marks at Madras University so that she scored 250/200 (instead of 150) and with 100 marks higher she was able to take away the medal from me. And I am still dreaming about this! It is very annoying to dream that all others are siding with her, abandoning me and so forth, while I am 2 decades past my college days...

    If you have any missing worship to a female goddess, you may try fulfilling the worship.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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    My understanding of your dream 1


    Cobra with yellow spot may indicate the Pingala nerve. It is sharp and not fully developed in you, and warns you by looking at you that you often attempt to stamp it out, unlike the fully developed python of the Ida nerve that moved very smoothly.

    You may have to strengthen your comprehension of spiritual processes and learn to integrate reason with emotion and function in a unified fashion.

    This may also indicate that your friend may not really be trustworthy, and may even be taking advantage of your trust.

    You may have to learn to watch your friend's talk and actions closely, and even adjust yourself accordingly.

    Ra K Sankar

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    Re: Snakes in my dreams!!

    Namaste Ra

    You know dream analysis from your advanced reply. Now you will be sought for such analysis from time to time. I often have repeat dreams of being in gardens which are like parks with statues, water and fountains, and trails, and hedges, and also a repeat dream is there is a nice statue with a murthi such as Ganga or oddly perhaps Buddha, or even an unnamed One or sometimes what look like "wooden guards" dressed like Rajastani clothes but bright paint and folkish looking.

    Help me, I like my dreams too much! They seem to happen after I eat yogurt or drink salt lassi and then take a nap with all the windows open and a cool breeze blowing. Or after a nice lunch of potatoe curry with lemonaide.

    Om Namah Sivaya

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    Snakes represent subconscious fears, that are pushing to manifest in waking.
    Snakes also represent the ability to transform the energy locked in fears,
    but this is very much so, when your dreams also show up a warring mongoose.

    You may have inherited these fears from your mother
    and you both may still have these fears in common.
    You and your mother may discuss and become clearer.

    Your elder brother is likely to muster up energies in waking
    so that you can overpower the constraining forces
    by facing them in combat in close quarters.

    This may be the significance of your elder brother's act of
    throwing snake and mongoose in a pit, halving snake's body.

    It may be good for you and your mother to pay heed to your elder brother,
    because, both of you may experience troubles in waking, due to these fears.

    Ra K Sankar

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    Re: Snakes in my dreams!!

    Only you can understand your own dreams. First you need to understand what a snake according to you before you go for generalised meaning like change, cycles, something new etc.,

    Recurring dreams are good rather than having new dream every night. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something when you have recurrent dreams.
    ॐ महेश्वराय नमः

    || Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya ||

    Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo Shankara

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    Re: Snakes in my dreams!!

    Better that you have snakes in your dream than snakes on a plane.


    "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato

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