I'll try to keep this short so I don't waste too much of your time.
As a newbie to this forum and a semi practicing Hindu (I do try) I want to learn about the true history of sanata Dharma and of my country of origin- India. (it has piqued my interest) Thing is I can't be bothered to scour the internet looking for information since I wouldn't even know which sources are authentic/reliable or not. Therefore I rather read some books and educate myself, that's where you guys come in.

What books can you recommend me regarding our vedic lineage/hinduism/ sanata Dharma/history of india (Bharat). (of good Authority and non biased)

While randomly reading several posts I did follow a link to a book which I think i'll get 'Breaking India' but are there any others which I might find useful?

Also which is the best English translation of 'Mahabharata' and 'Ramayana' I can get hold of.