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Thread: Mauritia, The Lost Mini-Continent

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    Mauritia, The Lost Mini-Continent


    There have been many, many theories and sketchy traces of lost continents and islands buried deep in the Indian Ocean.

    We ourselves have always been insatiable in our quest towards unravelling the long lost ancient remnants hidden in the Indian Ocean and subcontinent, looking for traces left behind by its long gone, highly advanced, once superior civilisation, who were probably our own ancestors. Various ancient scriptures and the uncertain periods in which its stories took place only add to this mystery. Geologists made this latest discovery of a lost continent sandwiched between Madagascar off Africa and Southern India. Dubbed "Mauritia", it is prehistoric, not just ancient:

    Are there any ancient Hindu scriptures that give specific (or at least shady) details of civilisations and continents located in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean that have since gone missing from our present-day map?

    Aum Namah Shivaya
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