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Thread: Why Should I learn Dvaita / Advaita / Vishitadvaita / etc

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    Re: Why Should I learn Dvaita / Advaita / Vishitadvaita / etc

    Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post
    Namaste Philosoraptor ji,

    BG uttered by Bhagwaan Shree Krishna himself while other philosophies are humans interpretations. I am not saying this in order to argue, but that is my understanding.

    Like someone in this thread had said irrespective of me knowledge on these philosophies the world would continue to function the same way. Moreover, have understood the importance of these textS but as on date due to my limited spiritual maturity unable to appreciate the importance of it over BG.

    I think you are misunderstanding one fundamental point: the followers of dvaita, advaita, and vishishtAdvaita each consider their philosophical systems to be the correct understanding of shAstras like bhagavad-gItA, and not merely philosophies created by human imagination. Now, obviously, they can't all be correct, since they differ with each other on key points. However, when you ask what the need is for understanding these philosophies, you have to first understand the importance of understanding Sri Krishna's philosophy as spoken in the gItA. If it's important to understand the gItA, then it is important to understand the broader philosophical picture. Nobody can convince you that one of these three systems best represents the gItA. You have to come to that conclusion by studying them alongside the gItA. Without a consistent philosophical paradigm to approach the gItA, you will have difficulties understanding it. This is because the gItA, like all other shAstras, was meant to be taught by a qualified guru to a qualified student. As soon as you mention "guru," then you must necessarily involve a consistent philosophical paradigm by which that guru teaches. Hence, the systems of vedAnta - they each give you an approach to understanding the shAstras in a consistent way. Without those approaches, you will either end up interpreting verse in your own unqualified way, or remain confused.

    Sahasranama made several good points which I hope you will also take to heart. Studying Sanskrit and familiarizing yourself with basic logical principles will be invaluable. But above and beyond that, you should have a regular sAdhana so that your mind can be purified for receiving spiritual instruction. You have to have a basic attitude towards life that it is temporary, full of material sense objects which give limited pleasures, and that the meaning of life goes beyond the mere subsistence on these temporary things.

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something." - Plato

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    Re: Why Should I learn Dvaita / Advaita / Vishitadvaita / etc

    Namaste Philosoraptor,

    Apologies for the delay in reply. Thanks for your detailed message.

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    Re: Why Should I learn Dvaita / Advaita / Vishitadvaita / etc

    As someone was asking, I thought I would bump this.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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