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Thread: Kundalini Issues

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    Re: Kundalini Issues

    In 2007, I had some interesting symptoms that I believe were caused by anxiety. When I would get to a hypnagogic state (halfway between waking and dreaming), one of the things that happened was that my head would vibrate so fast that is made sound. I was also dealing with bouts of high head temperatures. These things had me quite scared.

    The reason why I believe it was anxiety is because I discovered a deeply-seeded old fear and routed it out. After that, it seems that these symptoms went away - I have not experienced them since.

    Perhaps I am wrong. "Extreme Anxiety" is capable of producing a wild array of symptoms, and I think fear can/will affect the ability for energy to flow in the body.

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    Re: Kundalini Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Who am i View Post

    Im 29m from chennai.I follow Bhakthi yoga and do japa regularly.For last couple of months,whenever i close my eyes, i see bright lights .Along with came is head pain in back of head,tremors in body. It seems kundalini got activated accidently and im finding it difficult now.Whenever i concentrate god during japa,my kundalini arises and i cant lower them easily.Is there anyone in south india/chennai who can teach me techniques to lower the kundalini and activate my lower chakras.i hav lost couple of kgs and my body is getting weaker.

    Whenever kundalni arises,i try to mediate on muladhara chakra but it gives temporary relief only.
    Namaste Who Am I,

    And thank you for sharing your experience honestly. I also suggest that you see a licensed medical doctor to rule out some potential physical causes. That is my only suggestion.

    My own experience with yogic meditation has been similar, but without the weight loss and head pain (although headaches are frequent, but without pain: mine bring more of a throbbing sensation). It did not take long before my meditation was full of spectacular visions and ecstatic sensations. I do not use drugs or alcohol and do not have a history of visual or auditory “hallucinations.”

    Western psychiatry has a slew of speculative theories regarding dissociation and psychosomatic experiences. The closer their observations come to touching on spiritual matters, the more confused and contentious these doctors become. My hope rests in the living spirit of the Gods—not in the arguments of men.

    Here is a link on kundalini imbalance as related to yoga practice (I have been using these methods):

    Jai Krishna
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    the Kundalini awakes when the body is purified and filled with light. The opposite of this light is, in fact, sloth.

    So, we can make the body more "dense" and less filled with light by sleeping engaging in some sloth.

    That simply means sleeping more, eating more, and being a little lazy.

    Also, disengaging from the meditation practice itself for a time.

    This might start to calm the Kundalini down. Ideally, of course, you should find a Master who can help you directly. That is no easy thing as it takes a real Master to be an expert in Kundalini...and real Masters are few and far between.

    Stay calm, be patient, pray and hopefully things will resolve for you.


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    Re: Kundalini Issues

    Prana and the power of the chakras - by Sri Chinmoy

    (In 2007, Sri Chinmoy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Sri Chinmoy conducted meditations at the United Nations for about 30 years and at the US Congress for about 20 years.)

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