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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahasranama View Post
    This is a bad definition of a Vaishnava in the same way that defining smartha as a follower of Shankaracharya is inaccurate. This is like saying that Hinduism didn't exist before medieval times. Before these five sampradayas became popular there were many other groups of Vaishnavas, like the vaikhanasa etc.
    Please note that I wasn't talking from a generic hindu point of view but from a gaudiya-vaishnava perspective


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    Re: Vaishnava

    Here is the reference from the varAha purANa. This is the translation from the AITM series. I don't have the Sanskrit with me at the moment. It's 211.90 in the AITM edition for those who are interested.

    "90. While worshipping me, one would attain the highest station of Visnu. The Vaisnavites, О propitious madam, do purify the entire universe."

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